JD Sports stimulates creative economy with digital music platform launch via Andpeople

JD Sports stimulates creative economy with digital music platform launch via Andpeople

Covid-19 has put live music under house arrest in 2020. The industry devastated by the closure of venues, restrictions on dancing and a general silencing of live Australian music. But the youth have adapted with consumption swiftly shifting to digital platforms.


To combat the loss of live music, global retailer JD Sports has unveiled an online music programme in collaboration with Sydney-based creative agency Andpeople, in an effort to stimulate the creative economy and create value for the people most affected by the closure of physical spaces; the artists and producers themselves.

Speaking on the launch, Andpeople MD Andrew McDade commented: “JD have consistently challenged themselves to invest in building programmes which champion the next generation of artists. Leveraging their brand platform to amplify the artists voice through on-going initiatives. This has been a core part of their DNA since inception, being open to and understanding that their obligation is to mean more than just being a point of purchase. But to build communities and authentic collaborations, utilising the power of their multi-brand format to create meaningful conversations in culture.”

JD Radio is a collaborative effort with local artists offering weekly episodes in the form of an IGTV video and audio mix hosted on Mixcloud.

This is supported by live in-store performances to celebrate new store openings featuring home-grown talent from each store location.

So far, the reaction has been staggering, and has proved once and for all that Aussie youth will always find ways to engage with live music, not even a global pandemic can stop them.

JD Radio has released 27 episodes and counting, with a commitment to growing the platform into 2021.

Find out more about JD Radio here.