Jaded creatives line up to slag off new campaign for Hortico via Mammal, Sydney


While national garden care brand Hortico has returned to Australian screens with confidence, the same can’t be said for the Campaign Brief press release issued by Mammal, Sydney.


Says Luke Chess, creative partner, Mammal: “We’re tentative at best. I mean, these pieces, we’re terribly proud of – entertaining spots that support the great value and great results you get in your garden when using Hortico.

“But when you see the bile this industry spits at what’s often brilliant and effective work – I mean, I just urge every marketer I know to steer clear of the comments section.”

“Eh?” adds commenter Blah, of Melbourne. “I watched these three times and still no idea what they’re about.”

“I think they’re pretty clear,” Chess responds. “While there are always things you can’t rely on in your garden, you can at least rely on the value of …”

“Crap idea, crap production, crap ad,” interrupts Adland Anon, of Sydney. “Looks like it’s all been cobbled together using library footage.”

“Actually, we have indeed used library shots for these,” replies Chess. “This gave us the flexibility to produce numerous spots and convey a value message for the brand.”

“Why would you PR this?” asks Why Would You PR This? of Perth.

Says Chess: “I’m starting to wonder the same thing myself.”