Jackson Elliott + Will Campion’s Cannes Diary #1

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Jackson Elliott + Will Campion’s Cannes Diary #1

(Roll out the red carpet, these two doofuses have arrived)

Jackson Elliott (right) and Will Campion (left), a young creative team from M&C Saatchi Sydney recently competed and won Gold in the Cannes Young Lions – Digital category. The pair are in Cannes to collect their metal and share their diary, exclusively for CB.


It’s been 6 weeks since we found out we were going to Cannes for the 2022 Festival. In that time we’ve been given thousands of recommendations and tidbits of advice on “how to do Cannes Festival the right way”. We’ve heard stories of drunken boat party shenanigans, secret Daft Punk DJ sets and of course the infamously debauched Gutter Bar.

Naturally, leading into the festival, we put together a little list of things we wanted to achieve. These next few diary entries are going to detail our efforts to tick off everything on our list. We’ve only got a few activities down so far and it’s ever-evolving list so if you have any great suggestions to add pop them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to get it done.

Day One First Impressions:
– It’s fucking hot, hey?
– Pastel pink is a big vibe.
– Your connection at the Spotify party will always fall through.
– Rich people love to give their yacht a problematic name (i.e. The Squirter).
– A-List celebs are really going rogue (Connor McGregor nearly ran someone over on his electric scooter)
– There’s a lot of work. Like, a mind-boggling amount of work. We spent an hour looking through the work on display and saw about 0.5% it.
– Tech companies love to one-up each other.
– Paris Hilton is a self-aware genius. She spent a good chunk of her speech plugging her album “Queen of the Metaverse” and then set aside 20 minutes to do different poses for adoring fans. 100%. Here. For. It.
– The biggest and best events seem to be the ones least advertised
– It’s all about confidence.

Our Cannes Festival Bucket List:
– Convince someone to do a shoey at the Gutter Bar.
– Get up close to David Droga and figure out what cologne he is wearing.
– Get onto a boat. Literally, any boat.
– Get a selfie with Paris Hilton.
– Get onto the award stage.
– Pay for 0 drinks.
– Not get locked out on our balcony.
– Get into the Spotify party (the hottest event in town which we are certainly not invited to).

Bye for now bbs.

Jackson Elliott + Will Campion’s Cannes Diary #1

(“I’m actually a huge undercover nerd.” – Paris Hilton, 2022)

Jackson Elliott + Will Campion’s Cannes Diary #1

(Just some super cool people doing super cool things)

Jackson Elliott + Will Campion’s Cannes Diary #1

(This guy was billed as the secret guest. He was so secret no one had heard of him. There was lots of awkward applauding and fist-bumping)

Jackson Elliott + Will Campion’s Cannes Diary #1

(Ended the night with sneaking into a Mark Ronson DJ set. Because Cannes)