Snowy Mountains launches new ‘It’s an altitude thing’ campaign via JimJam Ideas & DMS


Tourism Snowy Mountains had the vision to be recognised as the leading ‘all year round’ destination promoting its diverse summer experiences. In February 2022 JimJam Ideas & DMS won the pitch to help them realise this new vision.


Ultimately, JIMJAM was tasked to launch a new kind of holiday that challenges and excites all the senses.

The market loves choice and freedom AND wants to get rid of the shackles of convention. It wants to feel alive, exhilarated, and a sense of discovery. The target market is looking for adventure, something new, and extracting the most out of this exciting new and unique adventure.

With this idea the team wanted to explore what effect holidaying in Australia’s high country has on people and asked the question, what is the Snowy effect?

Visiting the Snowies shifts people’s attitudes towards life – it’s a place where many people try new things and experiences, often for the very first time – whether it’s first time fly fishing, mountain biking, rafting, rock climbing, yoga in the wild or having a beer with a colourful character at Dalgetys, it all has a wildly uplifting and invigorating effect.

Even breathing in the clean fresh air or drinking the pristine water makes everything better.

To bring this to life in an engaging way JimJam Ideas & DMS creatively twisted the popular expression “It’s an attitude thing” and made it unique to Snowy Mountains by expressing it as – “It’s an altitude thing”.

This gave JIMJAM creative license to tell a story where people enjoy a next ‘high country’ level experience. No other place in Australia can claim this, because there is no place in Australia like the Snowy Mountains.

Thanks largely to the exceptional Knack Productions team, Tyson Millar’s exquisite stills and the brave TSM client, the agency managed to pull the 4 day shoot off with aplomb, delivering dozens of output variations (almost) without a hitch.

The campaign consisted of a raft of 90”, 30”, 15” and 10” video content pieces. The long form videos were created to cut through the digital noise and deeply engage in the personal story.

Thanks to a clever media strategy, the videos delivered on specific audiences via paid digital and social placements to target either Gen-X couples or Gen-y singles while also targeting passion points such as fishing, mountain biking, water skiing etc.

Radio, outdoor and multiple digital formats including short form video teasers as well as banners and paid social ads across Facebook and Insta were developed, directing the audience to the website.

Snowy Mountains launches new ‘It’s an altitude thing’ campaign via JimJam Ideas & DMS

Says Christie Hampton, MD, Tourism Snow Mountains: “Shooting a summer campaign in May in the Snowy Mountains was never going to be an easy task! Temperatures were starting to plummet and snow was a very real possibility. Charlie and the team from JimJam along with the courageous crew from Knack Studios kept the dream alive and delivered a campaign everyone in the Snowy Mountains can be immensely proud of. I would also like to thank the many locals who were involved in the shoot, both as cast and crew. Their contributions gave our content a sense of authenticity that will inspire our audience and encourage them to experience adventure at the highest level.”

Says Charlie Cook, CD, JIMJAM: “Launching a completely different summer experience in the Snowies was an exciting and precarious challenge. When everything could’ve gone wrong, almost everything went right, must’ve been an altitude thing – thanks again to the Knack team, Christie Hampton and that stills guy Tyson Millar wasn’t too bad either.”

Tourism Snowy Mountains – Client
Marketing Director – Christie Hampton
Leonards Advertising – Media Agency
Integrated Media and Marketing Director – Geraud Montigny
CEO – Kate Faithorn

JimJam Ideas – Creative
Executive Creative Director – Charlie Cook
Creative Director – Andrew Crocker
Writer – Charlie Cook & Grant McGrath
Art Director – Paul Carpenter
Account Director – Alana Fechner
Strategy – Tony Gordon

DMS – Strategy Team
Strategy and Project Manager- Charlotte Prouse
Director and Strategy – Carl Solomon

Production: Knack Studios
EP – Rob Norman
Director – Nick Sullivan
Producer & Production Manager – Ben Gattegno
Director of Photography – Rob Norman
2nd cam/Drone Operator – Dylan Clarke
Photographer – Tyson Millar
1ST AC – Luke Rodely
Editors – Nick Sullivan & Ben Gattegno
Original Score/mix & sound design – Jonny Higgins
Colourist – Marcus Friedlander
Gaffer – Tommy Keyes
Best Person Electric – Alex Wilson
Runner/Assist – Chris Painter
On-set Props – Jack Glasson

Cast – Sarah Stroczan, Nick Parkinson, Jason Gammell, Mariah Dhar, Jo Larkin, Ashleigh Hampton, Jack Hampton, Karl Berchtold