iSelect helps Aussies deal with the unbelievable in new health insurance spot via Fenton Stephens


iSelect has launched its latest spot via Melbourne independent agency Fenton Stephens and AIRBAG’s talented animation duo, Lumberfly.


It’s said that there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. But lately a third has emerged. Health insurance premium increases. It’s become something we can steadfastly rely on, every year, like clockwork. Except this year, they’ve decided to change things up. No, we’re not getting a breather, instead we’re getting an ‘out of cycle’ premium increase. Just what every Australian needs at a time like this. There’s really only one word to describe it. Unbelievable.

Almost as unbelievable as your dog running an underground casino. In your kitchen. At least that’s the rather silly, but visually delightful, analogy that iSelect and Melbourne independent, Fenton Stephens, have used to grab the attention of everyday Australians via their latest spot.

Says Jess Wheeler, associate creative director, Fenton Stephens: “Simply put, adding to the financial strain on Australians by increasing the cost of their health care, of all things right now, is unbelievable. The job to do here was to keep the message simple and to the point but encase it in something light and entertaining. The strain of ‘COVID-era’ advertising is wearing people thin. We’re in sore need of a return to some comic relief which was always our goal from the very first spot. And thankfully, while they keep performing, we get to keep making them.”

Says Warren Hebard, chief marketing officer, iSelect: “A health insurance premium increase at a time like this isn’t funny. So we told Fenton Stephens to make sure the ad is. This ‘out of cycle’ premium increase is going to come as an unexpected, unpleasant and unbelievable shock to policy holders at a time when many are already struggling financially. In addition to amusing viewers, this spot aims to turn their outrage into action by letting iSelect help get their premiums under control.”

Client: iSelect
Chief Marketing Officer: Warren Hebard
Corporate Affairs Manager: Laura Crowden
Head of Digital Marketing: Paul Coco
Agency: Fenton Stephens
Creative Director: Alex Fenton
Associate Creative Director: Jess Wheeler
Copywriter: Isabel Evans
Director of Planning: Simon Antonis
Group Account Director: Lucy Ranger
Account Manager: Charissa Martin
Agency Producer: Lisa Ramsey
Production Company: AIRBAG
Animation / Direction: Lumberfly
Producer: Nick Venn
Head of Production: Martin Box
Managing Partner: Adrian Bosich
Sound: Production Alley