Interchange launches weekly live video event and TV show ‘The 2pm Project’ – airs today at 2pm

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Interchange launches weekly live video event and TV show ‘The 2pm Project’ – airs today at 2pm

Culture and behaviour change consultancy Interchange has responded to impact of the coronavirus by launching ‘The 2pm Project’, a weekly live stream show, delivering creative learning programs to help employers and individuals get support with mental health, leadership and culture.


As a business that helps people create and manage changes to their company culture, and the mindsets and behaviours of their employees, the impact of the coronavirus has seen a big rise in people coming to us for help and advice.

With so many now setting up home offices and working remotely, there are a number of new challenges where managers and team leaders are looking for ways they can help their people cope during this time.

Says a spokesperson from Interchange: “When one of our clients asked us if we could use our creativity to develop interesting virtual content for their people in this time of social anxiety and ambiguity, we set about creating just that.

“Everyone needs support with mental health, leadership and culture to manage this crisis, and it was suggested that what’s needed is a community service offering all of this and more. Given the mood of many at the moment, the idea was to offer something valuable but in a light-hearted way – serious content, but with a twist of fun.

“So, remotely rallying our team, within the space of a few days, we created ‘The 2pm Project’, a weekly live video event, TV show and online learning program wrapped up in one. The ‘The 2pm Project’ is intended to help people:

– Make sense of where we’re at

– Learn ways to manage stress

– Get ideas on how to remain engaged and connected

– Find out ways to adapt and cope through mindsets and behaviours

Streamed live at 2pm every Friday, then uploaded online, each episode will feature culture and behaviour professionals, including Interchange MD Gabrielle Harris and consulting director Dr Melissa Giles, sharing peer-reviewed models to help employers care for their people and nurture their culture in these challenging times. Interchange is also developing bespoke versions for interested organisations, addressing the specific challenges their business is facing.

Episode 1 to stream here today Friday 27th March, 2pm