Integrity Life supports financial advisers as ‘Your partner for life’ in new work via REBORN

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Integrity has unveiled its new brand platform ‘Your partner for Life’, created by newly appointed creative agency, REBORN.


This first major brand campaign, with REBORN comes in a bid to support financial advisers and show that Integrity is there to help make applications easier and efficient and to truly value their relationship with Advisers and their customers.

Says Natalie Sargeant, acting general manager sales and marketing of Integrity: “Above all else, Integrity prides itself on trust. We believe this creative platform speaks to more than just our products; It also embodies the all-round value we offer to advisers and their customers every day. We are thrilled to launch our new brand platform with REBORN that we can continue to build on into the future.

“Our goal at Integrity is to disrupt the industry and improve life insurance in Australia. To do that, we need to place people at the heart of our functions and operations. Keeping them engaged depends upon our ability to provide a more streamlined experience through all touchpoints of their journey. ‘Your partner for life’ demonstrates our dedication to creating lasting relationships with our Advisers and their customers.”

The brand campaign highlights a shift in the needs of advisers, centring on the specific values Integrity offers as desirable characteristics you’d look for in a partner – because Advisers need a partner who can support and listen to them in an unpredictable world.

David Easton, CEO of REBORN, said the campaign will attempt to connect with a ‘disenfranchised adviser audience’: “For an innovator brand in a competitive and traditional sector, it’s crucial to stand out for the right reasons. We wanted to create a brand idea for Integrity that could be built into every part of the customer experience and used for years to come. ” Easton said.