Industry vets’ new podcast ‘When Would We Die?’ chosen as one “we’re loving” by Apple

Industry vets’ new podcast ‘When Would We Die?’ chosen as one “we’re loving” by Apple

Just 19 episodes old, the ‘When Would We Die?’ podcast by Tom Ward (ex Clems, Y&R and cummins&partners) and Doogie Chapman (ex-CHEP, M&C Saatchi and cummins&partners) has been selected as one “we’re loving” by Apple.


The podcast has a simple premise: in each episode, Ward and Chapman select a well-known popular film and, with the help of experts, attempt to see how far they would make it in the movie before dying. And to make the exercise as credible as possible, they must always appear in the films as characters the equivalent to their real selves, two late-forties men with no discernible skills (like most advertising people).

Season One saw them drown in a chocolate river (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), plummet off the side on an aircraft carrier (Top Gun) and be shot in a Disney forest (Bambi), while in Season Two, they’ve suffered at the hands (claws?) of a velociraptor (Jurassic Park), joined the living dead in ‘28 Days Later’ and been stalked by a witch (The Blair Witch Project). The latest episode sees them try their hand at shark hunting off Amity Island (Jaws).

Their impressive list of guests includes experts in their field from across the world:

  • • Wesley Larson, wildlife biologist who specialises in polar, black, and grizzly bears
  • • Dan Pronk, bestselling author, speaker and co-host of SAS Australia
  • • Hal Blood, president of Big Woods Bucks and lifelong game hunter
  • • Gregory Chamitoff, NASA astronaut
  • • Vincent ‘Jello’ Aiello, retired US fighter pilot and Top Gun instructor
  • • Ken Widner, nephew of Clarence and John Anglin, two of the only men to escape from Alcatraz Prison
  • • Phil Currie, internationally renowned palaeontologist
  • • David Knoff, Station Leader at the Davis Research Station in Antarctica
  • • Fiona Horne, one of the world’s most respected witches and leader singer of DefFX
  • • Troy Bradley, member of the US Ballooning Hall of Fame and holder of 64 world records

Having already been downloaded thousands of times in 35 countries, ‘When Would We Die?’ is available wherever you get your podcasts or at