I’m Dying Inside: Modibodi creates modern period drama made for gen-z via Howatson+Company


Global absorbent apparel brand Modibodi has partnered with Howatson+Company to create a Tik-Tok period drama titled ‘I’m Dying Inside’, designed to launch the brand’s latest Gen-z collection of period undies: ModiBasics.


Starring Tik-Tok comedian Samantha Andrew, ‘I’m Dying Inside’ follows four housemates as they navigate the awkwardness of life as a young adult while on your period.

From endometriosis flare-ups to accidental period sex stains to baby-gay period hook-ups and more, each episode explores a range of modern period experiences and taboo topics, showing how Modibasics helps you leave leaks out of it.

Watch the series below, which has already clocked over 2 million views on Tik Tok.

Says Liana Lorenzato, CMO, Modibodi: “Our ModiBasics period undies have been designed specifically for the needs of 18–25-year-old gen-z menstruators. This is such a pivotal time in your life and everything around you is in constant change and the one thing you don’t want to worry about is your period.

‘I’m Dying Inside’ speaks to gen-z experiences of menstruation in a very real yet entertaining way, helping break taboos and start important conversations about the diversity of period experiences. Something we are passionate about at Modibodi.”

Says Arundati Thandur, director, FINCH: “I was so excited at the opportunity to work with Modibodi. The beauty of this project came from the creative challenges. Being candid in our approach to periods forced us to be bold in our humour and subsequently create an ensemble of rich characters. They’re authentic and relatable. Incorporating classic story structure and film craft with TikTok viewing habits and the vertical format just propelled us to scrutinise the comedic moments and elevate the visual appeal of the series, to keep it fresh and engaging.”

Working closely with the team at TikTok and FINCH Company, an additional eco-system of relatable content was built around the episodes, all designed to harness the platform’s algorithm and drive people to engage with the show.

Says Elly Pipiciello and Katy Hulton, creative team at Howatson+Company: “Shooting a show for TikTok meant throwing out all the usual production rules. We framed and shot everything 9:16, capturing more than 30 minutes of content in 2 days. We created original soundtracks for each episode, thanks to the talented people at Mosaic. And the cast and crew were made up of young female and non-binary talent, including our director. It was empowering to talk about real period experiences without shame, from the absurd to the painful to the downright hilarious.”

Viewers can also watch the I’m Dying Inside series by Modibodi here, with the final episode released Monday 24 July.

Client: Modibodi
Chief Marketing Officer: Liana Lorenzato
Marketing Director: Dalia Adler
Communications Director: Lucy Lamming
Creative Lead: Grace O’Brien
Lead Copywriter: Jacque Kennedy
Art Direction Lead: Lucie de La Chaise
Brand Manager: Caitlin Lilley
Marketing Coordinator: Michelle Baker

Agency: Howatson+Company
Executive Creative Director: Gavin Chimes
Creative Directors: Jared Wicker, Scott Zuliani
Art Director: Elly Pipiciello
Copywriter: Katy Hulton
Head of Production: Holly Alexander
Junior Producer: Charlotte Breene
Managing Partner: Kristie Thistlethwaite
Business Directors: Sasha Thariani, Dede Stewart
Chief Strategy Officer: Dom Hickey
Head of Design: Caroline Gilroy
Designers: Sam Reiher, Eleanor Donley, Ellena Mills, Trent Michael
Senior Editor/Series: King Yong
Senior Editor/Content: Kel Gronow
Colourist: Kel Gronow

Production: FINCH
Director: Arundati Thandur
Executive Producer: Loren Bradley
Producer: Amy Dymond
1st Assistant Director: Kate North-Ash
Director of Photography: Tom Black
Production Designer: Alice Lanagan
Stylist: Lynn Mathuthu
Stills: Sim Kaur

Talent (in order of appearance)
Cleo: Iolanthe
Keira: Samantha Andrew
Maddy: Kate McGuinness
Andi: Natali Caro
Neighbour: Sammy Crawford-Smith
Music + Sound: Mosaic
Original Composition: Adam Moses
Executive Producer: Bill Doig

I’m Dying Inside: Modibodi creates modern period drama made for gen-z via Howatson+Company