Icon Agency empowers Victorian students with industry-leading UX design principles

Icon Agency empowers Victorian students with industry-leading UX design principles

Icon Agency’s digital UX design team, renowned for its ethical and accessible approach to design, partnered with Visual Communication Victoria (VCV) to provide an enriching presentation for secondary school students across Victoria. The session aimed to teach students UX design principles with a human-centred approach.


Tailored for VCE Visual Communication Design students as part of their Unit 3 curriculum, the presentation focused on Interactive Experiences, a new design field introduced in the 2024-2028 VCAA Study Design.

Icon Agency’s head of UX and sesign, Matt White (left), and UX designer, Iva Dujmovic (right), captivated the audience with their expertise and passion for ethical and sustainable design practices.

Says White: “We are thrilled to have collaborated with Visual Communication Victoria to empower students with a deeper understanding of human-centred design principles and practices.

“At Icon, we are committed to not only delivering exceptional design solutions but also fostering a culture of ethical responsibility within the industry.”

The presentation not only shed light on the intricacies of the design process, but also emphasised the importance of ‘human-centred design’, in a world where the combination of humans and AI and machine learning unite.

White and Dujmovic’s engaging delivery and insightful anecdotes showcased Icon’s commitment to maintaining a humans-first approach, an important principle when inspiring the next generation of designers.

Says Fiona Sinclair, education officer and resource coordinator for Visual Communication Victoria: “Each year we invite skilled and experienced designers to present their approach to the design process to create design responses to design briefs for our students.

“In listening to Matt and Iva from Icon, students will be able to identify the impact of ethical and legal obligations, including issues of ownership and intellectual property, and the extent to which contemporary designers adopt sustainable and circular design practices.”

For more information about Icon Agency’s digital and design initiatives, visit https://iconagency.com.au/digital