Renowned Aussie director Mark Molloy directs Huggies’ first Super Bowl spot via Droga5, NY


One of Australia’s most sought-after directors Mark Molloy has directed Huggies’ first ever Big Game ad via Droga5, New York, through production company Smuggler. The campaign marks the launch of Huggies’ new platform and establishes the brand’s point of view with its global anthem film ‘Welcome to the World, Baby’.


Molloy is represented locally by EXIT Films.

The two-minute film sets out to demonstrate what it’s like for babies being brand new to life and all its marvels, big and small. Bringing to life the idea that Huggies is a helpful co-pilot and supportive ally helping babies – and, by association, their parents – navigate their unfamiliar new world securely.

The voice of the brand speaks directly to babies throughout the film, acting as an off-camera sidekick that’s equally reassuring and humorous, in its helpful observations on how baby’s world works. Truth is, the film reveals that babies kinda have it made. And to match the distinct voice with an equally distinct visual language, the film adopts two key camera angles – close-ups looking directly at the baby, and short focus angles from the baby’s point of view on the world. Everything about the film signals Huggies’ refreshing take on the diaper and wipes category, and it’s uniquely supportive role in easing baby and parents through the unknowns of babyhood.

Says Rebecca Dunphey, president of personal care at Kimberly-Clark North America: “Between shifting family dynamics, a flood of unsolicited opinions and random tips on social media, today’s parents can’t help but question their instincts. We found that against a sea of noise, more than anything, families need a supportive ally throughout every step of babyhood – and Huggies is just that. With decades of experience and innovation, we can offer parents the confidence they crave and babies the products they need to stay healthy, comfortable and protected. This two minute brand film helps to remind parents and babies alike of our support and partnership for them all.”

Says Juliana Cobb, executive creative director, Droga5: “The Huggies’ anthem film captures the essence of its new global creative platform, ‘We Got You, Baby’, which is an expression of Huggies as copilot to baby (and parents by association) as they navigate all the unknowns together. We wanted to bring a much needed, refreshing sense of reality and joy to the whole experience of babyhood. Even in all its messy, exhausting chaos, the truth is, babyhood has a certain kind of awesome magic. And with the voice of the brand engaging with baby in a direct conversation, Huggies gets to be part of that experience and own its place as an essential ingredient – not just functionally with diapers and wipes, but as a voice of support that understands what’s both weird and wonderful in what babies and their parents are going through.”

Client: Kimberly-Clark – Huggies
Campaign Title: ‘We Got You, Baby’
Chief Growth Officer: Alison Lewis
Group President, K-C North America: Kim Underhill
President, North America Personal Care: Rebecca Dunphey
VP, Global Baby & Child Care: Craig Christenson
General Manager, Huggies: Robert Raines
Regional Sector Lead, Baby & Child Care: Blake Boulden
Sr. Director, Global Creative & Design, Baby & Child Care: Ben Gladstone
Global Design Director, Baby & Child Care: Justin Sparks
Sr. Brand Managers, Huggies: Aaron Gretebeck and Jake Hoerner
Brand Managers, Huggies: Paige Chapman, Melanie Bauer and Sarah Inbau
Sr. Associate Brand Manager, Huggies: Jake Odell
Sr. Communications Manager, K-C North America Communications: Jessica Lutchen and Brook Smith
Media Manager, Baby & Child Care: Lauren Brand
Consumer Engagement Manager, Baby & Child Care: Carolyn Eisele
Design Manager, Baby & Child Care: Samantha Goss
Senior Paralegal II, Baby & Child Care: Sara Kruschke
Marketing Operations Leaders, Baby & Child Care: Rebecca Keil
Category Sales Sr. Manager, BU Sales, Baby & Child Care: Andrew Klein
Shopper Engagement Sr. Manager, BU Sales, Baby & Child Care: Lori Borchardt
Director, Baby & Child Care Strategy: Pam VanHout
Consumer Healthcare Sales Leader, Huggies: Amy Kassing
Sr. Consumer Healthcare Marketing Manager, Huggies: Valerie Johnson
Consumer Healthcare Business Development Managers, Huggies: Mimi Chapel and Sheena Velazquez-Pabon

Agency: Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Global Chief Creative Officer: Neil Heymann
Co-Chief Creative Officers: Tim Gordon and Felix Richter
Executive Creative Director: Juliana Cobb
Creative Directors: Alyssa Georg and Elena Knox
Associate Creative Directors: Meli Chamorro and Stacey Smith
Art Director: Jasper Yu
Copywriter: Danielle Gasbarro
Copywriter: Sara Muchnick
Content Writer: Gus Sainwood
Executive Design Director: Rich Greco
Associate Design Director: Kayt Brylinsky
Sr. Designer: Leslie Cheng
Designer: Maddie Bone
Group User Experience Director: Craig Wong
Sr. User Experience Designer: James Garvey
Chief Creation Officer: Sally-Ann Dale
Producers, Film: Sophie Paton, Tegan Mahford and Andres Riveros
Sr. Music Supervisor: Mike Ladman
Director of Business Affairs: Dan Simonetti
Sr. Business Affairs Manager: Kiki Powell
Talent Manager: Sunny Valencia
Sr. Traffic Manager: Wendy Kaplan
Director, Art Production: Cliff Lewis
Producer, Art: Caroline Fahey
Executive Producer, Print: Alyssa Dolman
Director of Interactive Production: Tasha Cronin
Sr. Producer, Interactive: Ian Graetzer
Producer, Interactive: Colin Neff
Associate Producer, Interactive: Michelle Levitch
Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer
Group Strategy Director: Ben Brown
Strategy Director: Emily Mulvey
Strategist: Mykala Daniel
Head of Communications Strategy: Dean Challis
Communications Director: Courtney Bernstein
Communications Strategist: Gabrielle Deckelman
Group Data Strategy Director: Ryan Miller
Jr. Data Strategist: Shelby Lance
Executive Group Account Director: Courtney Russell
Account Directors: Cris Scardino and Elizabeth Federico
Account Supervisors: Mitch Katz, Tehjal Suri and Cameron Yates
Account Managers: Kirstie Beck and Gabrielle Newman
Associate Account Managers: Laura Gonzalez and My-Linh Tran
Sr. Project Manager: Sarah Arrillaga
Project Managers: Nicole Dolman and Janelle Whitehurst

Agency: Accenture Interactive
Global Delivery Lead: Valia Todorova
Executive Creative Director: Marisa Fuoco
Sr. Copywriter: Kelli Solomon
Sr. Designer: Alena Titova
Digital CRM Lead: Jeannette Kocsis
CRM Strategist: Pearly Hidron
Account Director: Ruth Tempest
Project Manager: Jaqueline Dahl

Production Company: SMUGGLER
Director: Mark Molloy
DOP: Mauro Chiarello
Executive Producers: Patrick Milling-Smith, Brian Carmody and Sue Yeon Ahn
Head of Production: Alex Hughes
COO: Andrew Colon
Producer: Ben Croker
Production Designer: Elmi Badenhorst
Stylist: Sylvia Esme Van Heerden
Casting: Tracey Lund
Service Production: Orange Films
Service Producer: Jon Day
Service Line Producer: Nicole Ford

Editorial: Work Editorial
Editors: Stewart Reeves and Trish Fuller
Assistant Editors: Audrey Weiner, Leah Turner and Winter Brihn
Executive Producer: Erica Thompson
Producer: Samara Kelly

Post Production: A52
Executive Producers: Patrick Nugent and Kim Christensen
Head of Production: Stacy Kessler-Aungst
Head of CG Production: Michael Steinmann
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall
Producer: Jillian Lynes
Producer: Andrew Rosenberger

VFX Supervisor: Urs Furrer
CG Supervisor: Andy Wilkoff
Flame Artists: Andy McKenna, Steve Wolff, Dan Ellis, Rod Bashman and Mike Vaglienty
3D Artist: Joe Chiechi
Matte Painter: Jie Zhou
Online Editors: Dan Ellis, John Valle and Gretchen Capatan

Animator: Steven Biggert

Music Composition: Mr Pape
Name of track: ‘Ode to the little ones’
Sound Design: 750mph
Head of Production: Martin Critchley
Executive Producer: Jessica Ringshall
Head Sound Engineer & Sound Supervisor: Sam Ashwell
Sound Mix/VO record: Heard City
Executive Producer: Sasha Awn
Audio Mixer: Phil Loeb
Audio Mixer Jeremy Siegel
Assistant Mixer: Catherine Sangiovanni

Colour: Company 3
Colourist: Sofie Borup
Post Producer: Alexandra Lubrano

Voice Over Casting Director: Sound and Fury

Casting Footage Researcher: Mike Davis