HP uses the original voice of Siri to encourage Aussies to break up with their Mac via Edelman


Want to escape from your Mac? You can. Dave did. HP has launched a campaign via Edelman to help consumers see the light beyond Apple’s ‘walled garden’ that keeps users trapped in their ecosystem. To help convey the message, HP has enlisted none other than the original voice of Siri herself, Susan Bennett.


The campaign, Escape Therapy, is a funny but sophisticated video content series featuring Dave, a long time Mac lover, breaking up with his first love, his MacBook (voiced by Susan Bennett). After years of slowly dwindling happiness, he’s decided stop let her down gently in a safe setting – a couple’s counselling session.

The campaign was built on the insight that almost half of recent Mac buyers have considered switching before they purchased a Mac, and when Mac customers left Apple, HP is the #1 brand they chose.

Says Ken Maher, director of personal systems at HP Australia: “We launched Escape Therapy to showcase the real HP difference in a fun, light-hearted way. At the same time, we wanted to demonstrate our leadership and innovation in Premium laptops, and highlight the features Aussies really want from their laptop.”

Through his Escape Therapy sessions, Dave shines a light on the features his laptop lacks, from no touch screen, to concerns around web cam privacy, to innovative design. Joining his therapy sessions is his MacBook, voiced by Susan Bennett – the original voice of Siri.

The campaign is available across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, VOD and native, with bespoke short executions in social.

Agency: Edelman
Managing Director (Edelman): Fern Canning-Brook
CMO HP South Pacific: Dan Henry
Director – Jason Perini
Executive Creative Director (Edelman) – Jamil Bhatti
Senior Producer (Edelman) – Jasmin Malam
Copywriter (Edelman) – Joshua Campbell
Art Directors (Edelman) – Jackson Ainsworth & Marcel Bingham
DOP / Editor (Edelman) – Jilvan Mohammadi
Public Relations Lead (Edelman): Thom Landers
Audio House – Song Zu
Dave Character – Mansoor Noor
Therapist Character – Cheree Cassidy
Siri – Susan Bennett
Media Planners – PHD
Digital Strategy (Edelman) – Chris Richardson
Strategy Director (Edelman) – Ian Foulds
Social Media (Edelman) – Meg Syme, Edwina Jones, Manal Abdulaleem and Laura Currie