Heckler collaborates on new Leaps by Bayer campaign with solo kite surfer Olivia Jenkins


Leaps by Bayer, Chapter III, Leap Forward is a 2-minute narrative film which maps the journey of solo kite surfer Olivia Jenkins as she crosses the International Dateline between American Samoa and Samoa supported by a team of expert meteorologists and navigators, captured by production and post production studios, Iconoclast (Germany) and Heckler (Sydney).


The film is part III in an epic trilogy series and funded by Leaps by Bayer, a company dedicated to providing early-stage investment to paradigm-shifting advances in the life sciences and human spirit. Narratively speaking, this vision gives the film structure a true sense of purpose and drive.

The film expresses the emotional and energetic journey felt both on and off screen. Presenting the intensity, beauty and obstacles of shooting in the South Pacific soon after lockdown release and the innate challenges of world first feat at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Says Stefan José, director and DOP: “From the treatment stage I had a very clear and particularly ambitious vision for this project. Visually I wanted the film to feel immersive; making the audience feel like they are there, washed along by the same current and wind, exposed to the same challenges and witness to a frontier of human achievement being forged. The collaboration and individual expertise of each crew member and post artist was integral to not only pulling off the feat itself but to execute every detail for the vision of the film. Something I am forever grateful to each and every person involved in this project.”

Directed by director / DOP Stefan José (Iconoclast) and edited by award-winning editor, Andrew Holmes (Heckler), the duo over a two week period crafted the initial vision, narrative, rhythm, and approach, reliving the shoot with multiple cameras. The refinement process and final result was the product of thousands of micro decisions from both José and Holmes, who share the same energy which merges the line between job and passion.

Says Holmes: “As an editor visual storytelling is everything. You’re entrusted to understand how an audience will interpret the story, so you must make the most of that responsibility. Stefan and I knew we had something special. When collaborating with Stefan the creative process unfolded naturally. It is a beautiful thing to craft a film that will take your audience on a journey like this one.”

Equally, José’s work with Heckler Sound’s senior sound designer, Dave Robertson and Californian composer Dustin Lau was multi-layered and uniquely crafted. Robertson delivers the dynamic nature through his sound design by bringing in real world sounds captured on location in Samoa with a finely calibrated mix of ambient sound effects. Lau and José bring electronica-inspired sounds representing the rational, scientific world, while acoustic and analogue instrumentation represent the more personalized, human perspective of the kitesurfer Jenkins. Both the film score and mix was crafted through the collaboration of José’s vision and ear, Holmes’s edit, Robertson’s and Lau’s execution, serving the narrative and tone to compliment the elevated visuals.

This film offers an insight into the nature of organic film production met with carefully curated post production and the unique experience of the unification and magic of collaboration. Iconoclast, TLGG, Heckler and Leaps By Bayer have unleashed a new wave for working globally and remotely allowing for the creative industry to leap into the future.

Client: Leaps by Bayer
Music and Sound: Heckler Sound

Agency: TLGG
TLGG Producer, Anna Frommberger-Oatman
TLGG Creative Director, Felix Stock
TLGG Creative Director, Frauke Sichma
TLGG Art Director, Alejandro Márquez
TLGG Account Director, Lara Esser
TLGG Managing Director, Hannes Gärtner

Production Company: Iconoclast
Director, DOP & Water Op, Stefan Jose
Iconoclast Executive Producer, Jan Dressler
Iconoclast Producer, Sarah Hawkins
Iconoclast Post Supervisor, Jens Maier-Rothe
Iconoclast Post Assistant, Robert Sieg

Post Production: Heckler
Post Executive Producer, Will Alexander
Post Producer, Coralie Tapper
Editor, Andrew Holmes
Colourist, Fergus Rotherham
Design Director, Gina Wagstaffe
Lead Compositor, Bertrand Polivka
Compositor, Nitin Amin
Online Artist, Soren Dyne
Edit Assistant, Daniel Page

1st AD, Toby Churchill-Brown
Production Manager, Mandy Nicole
A Cam, 1st AC, Tommy Rolfe
A Cam, 2nd AC, James Campbell
B Cam Op & Water Op, Andrew Gough
B Cam 1st AC, Jackson Lana
Gaffer, Matt Russell
Grip, Richie Brown
Best Boy Grip, Sam Chapman
Sound Recordist, Steve Nossiter
Production Designer, Imogen Walsh
Stills Photographer, Woody Gooch
Drone, Heliguy TV
Drone Operator, Anthony Driver
Water Safety and Stunt Coordinator, Che McGuiness

Sound & Music
Sound Executive Producer, Bonnie Law
Sound Creative Director, Johnny Green
Music Composer, Dustin Lau
Sound Designer, Dave Robertson
Sound Project Coordinator, Jack Okeby

Kitesurfer, Olivia Jenkins
Meteorologist & Navigator, Alicia Ageno
Technical Advisor, Johannes Olszewski VO Artist , Doug Gochman

Sports Production Consultants
Kite Surf Producer & Consultant, Camila Péndola
Sports Producer & Consultant, Johannes Olszewski
Pure Indulgence Skipper & Fixer, Greg Tropping
Pure Indulgence Deckhand, Sally Asafo
Pure Indulgence Deckhand, Tautua Hunt
Fua II Skipper & Fixer, Vaughan Simpson
Fua II Deckhand, Laeon Simpson
Free Spirit Skipper , Ian Malruni

Special Thanks to:
Duotone Kiteboarding
Beautiful Samoa
American Samoa Marine Safety Patrol
American Samoa Visitors Bureau
Equipment Rental Cine2481