Harley-Davidson uses engine to create meditation track for world relaxation day via 303 MullenLowe


H-D_recording image.jpgHarley-Davidson Australia/NZ has marked world relaxation day by releasing a guided meditation track where the only instrument is the metronomic sound of a Harley ticking over.

The idea was conceived by 303 MullenLowe Sydney and brought to life by Sonar Music using ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) recording techniques designed to elicit a relaxing sensation throughout the body.

Says David Roberts, CD, 303 MullenLowe: “The boom in mindfulness apps shows the need people have to escape their daily stress. And for a passionate tribe out there, this is the sound of freedom and relaxation.”

Says Keith Waddell, marketing director, Harley-Davidson ANZ: “Harley riders always talk about the feeling of freedom they get out on their bike. So for those times they can’t be out riding, this is the next best thing.”

The binaural audio experience begins with a rider going through their pre-ride rituals, before taking off on a 2018 Softail Street Bob. A practicing meditation instructor was cast to narrate their journey.

Spotify has selected the project to be part of its global ‘Be Heard’ initiative that explores the possibilities of audio advertising. A short version will run across the Spotify platform which links to the full version on the H-D meditation site.

Harley-Davidson ANZ

Marketing Lead: Hayley Walton

Marketing Director: Keith Waddell

303 MullenLowe Sydney

ECD: Gary McCreadie

CD: David Roberts

Art Director: Leila Cranswick

Managing Partner & Digital Innovation: Brad Morris

Managing Partner: Matt Clarke

Producer: Ana Pinheiro

Senior Digital Producer: Robin Swire

Senior Digital Designer: Andreas Pratikto

Designer: Jasmine Xie

Developer: Susanna Klein

Sound Post Production:

Sonar Music