Grays launches explosive jingle-driven campaign via Bounce Creative and Entropico

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In a catchy content series full of jingles, explosions and even a blimp, the online marketplace, Grays, calls upon the audience pain points when selling a big-ticket item. The tropes of taking too long to sell, not getting the right price, and getting lost in a sea of listings are celebrated in their omni channel campaign via Bounce Creative and Entropico that promises It Pays To Sell With Grays.


Entropico and Bounce Creative won the brand pitch earlier this year after coming in with an integrated strategy, production and media approach, challenging the conventional creative agency and production-house relationships.

Says Harry Hunter, director, Entropico: “Rather than retrofitting a production methodology into a strategic and creative idea, the two were developed in parallel. This gave us a really strong and flexible platform that covers a lot of ground and could be rolled out across all channels from YouTube, Social, digital, right through to print and outdoor advertising.”

While the campaign is driven by VFX, and a humorous musical composition, it was audience research and testing that helped shape the idea, especially as the climate has been rapidly changing due to COVID-19.

Says Joel Chapman, executive creative director, Bounce Creative: “Even though the content is light hearted, we wanted the executions to be built from real insights to connect with tensions that arise when listing items for sale online. Some of the lyrics were even crafted directly from customer sentiment!”

The campaign was born from almost 800 pieces of customer research & focus groups, in addition to extensive testing of several concepts in the market.

Says Natalie Ashes, head of marketing and eCommerce: “We spoke with customers all along the way when crafting this campaign; their sentiment, feedback and reactions have been the basis for the idea. The conversion funnels have gone through three rounds of iterative testing and the tracking has been implemented across the website so we can accurately measure return on media spend.”

The new campaign has launched with the release of the Boats content series, the first of many to follow over the coming months.