GoshDamn (aka UK duo Josh + Dan) and Kiwi Vanessa Perdriau join CRATER’s directing line up

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GoshDamn (aka UK duo Josh + Dan) and Kiwi Vanessa Perdriau join CRATER’s directing line up

CRATER has added further strength to its international directing roster with the signing of two strong outfits.


The first suiting, hailing and based in the UK, is GoshDamn – an award-winning director duo made up of Josh and Dan. Having made a trip out to Australia (pre-covid) for a Toyota and Olympic channel campaign, the duo are eager to grace their presence further and dip their toes back into the shoreline of the land down under.

The pair specialise in bringing authenticity to all their work, bringing out human moments and relatable characteristics to all of their films. Their style and creative workflow is a perfect mix of both their individual strengths as directors. Josh brings an artistic and abstract approach to the visual process whilst Dan uses his natural talent for narrative and storytelling.

GoshDamn’s most recent success is in their quirky film for Greenpeace, delivering a new style for the brand. The campaign titled ‘The Big Plastic Count’, saw the duo tell the story of the charities determination to reduce single use plastic in the UK by 50%. This super stared through unique characters, abstract camera placements, bright and bold set builds and memorable wardrobe.

Google, Barbour, Honda, Toyota, Netflix and Logitech are just a few you’ll find on the duos report card.

Kiwi born Australia based Vanessa Perdriau also suits up for CRATER bringing with her an accomplished background in the feature and short film world. Having worked under BAFTA and Sundance winning directors; Jerry Rothwell and Sarah Gavron, Perdriau brings a fresh take to the roster. BAFTA Short Film longlist ‘The Widow’s Last’ along with The Pitch UK winner ‘Widow’s Pitch’, both set the precedence for the force in writing, directing and crafting for the screen that Vanessa holds.

Says Steven Farrer, executive producer, CRATER: “Vanessa’s story driven approach, along with crafting poignant cinematic moments in her films, we see aligning seamlessly to commercial projects. Having previously been on commercials with Vanessa, she also holds a command of adoration and respect amongst crew and clients making her a perfect fit within CRATER.”

Perdriau has partnered with as clients in CNN, Bosch, Sony, Dyson, The British Museum and Cancer Research, and has a further slate of features and TV projects in development.

Says James Hulbert, partner and creative director, CRATER: “With Craters recent launch into the MENA region and our build back into the UK and Europe on approach, we’re excited to get the big wheels turning and have our roster of directors travelling the globe working across territories for all our clients. GoshDamn and Vanessa are part of the bigger picture which will also see more signings come out of the UAE and Europe.”

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CRATER represents both directors for work across Australia, NZ, Asia and the UAE Contact steven@crater.global to work with GoshDamn or Vanessa Perdriau.