Google encourages marketers to Rethink the Line in new Think with Google work via The Hallway


Following on the success of last year’s Think with Google ‘Rethink The Mix’ campaign, this week sees the brand inviting marketers to ‘Rethink the Line’ via a campaign created by The Hallway.


The campaign is spearheaded by a video that tells the story of ‘The Line’ via animation and is complemented by a collection of shorter videos and banner executions that focus on specific Think with Google research findings.

Says Mark Wheeler, head of YouTube and large customer ads marketing: “The Line has been part of communication channel planning for a long time, but the arrival of digital media – the birth of a new line, in a sense – saw the field become more complex. Cut to today and we see marketing paths to purchase that are more varied and complex than ever. As a result, when thinking about marketing plans, there’s a need to move beyond traditional thinking and focus instead on the line that really matters, which is the journeys customers are actually on.”

Says Simon Lee, ECD and parner, The Hallway: “The Think with Google brand lends itself beautifully to simple playful execution. We had great fun putting the line at the heart of the story and seeing where it took us.”

‘Rethink’, is a future-focussed platform designed to challenge traditional marketing principles and advocate for curiosity, inclusivity and local relevance in the pursuit of better media and marketing practice. The 2020 campaign, also created by The Hallway, included Google’s first Podcast in the Australian market.

Visit Rethink the Line on the Think with Google website to find out more.

Client: Google Australia
Head of YouTube and Large Customer Ads Marketing AUNZ: Mark Wheeler
Product Marketing Lead: Kira Walter
Marketing Specialist: Melody Brass

Creative: The Hallway
Animation: Limehouse
Sound & Music: Uncanny Valley