GolfSpace Australia appoints GRAND PACIFIC Entertainment & Advisory

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GolfSpace Australia appoints GRAND PACIFIC Entertainment & Advisory

GolfSpace Australia has announced a strategic partnership with GRAND PACIFIC Entertainment & Advisory, the innovative venture recently launched by Francis Coady, former chief marketing and content officer of Havas Media Group.


GRAND PACIFIC Entertainment & Advisory specialises in creating original content and leveraging the power of entertainment to help brands forge deeper connections with their audiences.

Elevating GolfSpace with expert guidance over the past few months, GRAND PACIFIC Entertainment & Advisory has conducted extensive audience analytics and customer behavioural studies for GolfSpace Australia to understand the passions of golfers.

The result is the brand-new brand platform “ELEVATE YOUR GAME,” which will be brought to life through a comprehensive always on direct to consumer and complete OSEP channel marketing and communications campaign. This campaign includes always-on digital, social, performance, and loyalty campaign development, as well as outdoor advertising in partnership with JCDecaux. To further enhance membership engagement, GolfSpace will also host FREE live events in collaboration with Golf Australia and some new national partners to be announced in the coming months.

“Working with Francis Coady and GRAND PACIFIC Entertainment & Advisory has been a game changer for our company. He is like having a seasoned navigator charting our marketing and consumer journey. Their deep-rooted understanding of audience behaviour, cultivated through years in the entertainment and advertising industry, extends seamlessly to our team, partners, and customer base. His CEO-level marketing and communications advisory brings a unique perspective that resonates with our audience, using the power of entertainment to drive engagement and loyalty. With Francis at the helm, GolfSpace doesn’t just sell golf experiences; we craft narratives that immerse our audience in a world of possibility,” said Dean Dewhirst, CEO and founder, GolfSpace.

Says Coady: “I am delighted to be working with such a passionate and focused team at GolfSpace. Dean Dewhirst and his team really understand the value of entertaining their customer base to build trust and real engagement over the long term. I am delighted to help them entertain growth in this premium sports and entertainment offering as they expand across the country in the coming years.”