Godfreys launches its new brand platform ‘Feel Free’ via creative agency partner Thinkerbell


Thinkerbell has been appointed as creative agency partner for Godfreys within Australia and New Zealand. The partnership sees Godfreys launching new brand platform “Godfreys. Feel Free”.


The work positions Godfreys as the cleaning retailer that facilitates that euphoric post cleaning feeling; that freeing ‘ahhhhhh’ moment when you can relax and sit back on your couch knowing everything is done.

The communications will live across TV, BVOD, out of home, audio channels and social media, as well as coming to life in owned channels and in-store.

Says Nathan Dixon, General Manager Marketing of Godfreys: “We’d been looking for a partner that could help re-establish Godfreys as the place to go for all your cleaning needs. We worked closely with the team at Thinkerbell to create a new and more emotive way for Godfreys to communicate, one that captures the positive feeling you get when the cleanings complete. It’s been a real pleasure Thinking and Tinking with Thinkerbell.”

Says Regina Stroombergen, Head Creative Tinker at Thinkerbell: “We’re super excited to be working with Nathan, Quinn and the team at Godfreys and have loved taking their brand to a new level. As the category leaders only Godfreys can take the higher emotive ground of that post clean feeling, as they are the only retailer whose entire brand is dedicated to cleanliness. We’ve captured that feeling you get when you look around the house and everything is beautifully, wonderfully, clean.”

Client: Godfreys
Creative Agency: Thinkerbell
Media Agency: Nunn Media
Production Partner: Cutting Edge