Global partnership marketing agency Silverbean launches first international agency in Sydney

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Global partnership marketing agency Silverbean launches first international agency in Sydney

Independent European partnership marketing agencies, Silverbean, has now opened its first international office in Sydney, Australia.


For over 17 years Silverbean has been helping brands achieve exceptional growth across Europe and globally from its headquarters in Newcastle, England. The launch of a Sydney office now means Australian brands can also benefit from their unrivalled expertise in the partnership space.

The Australian Silverbean office is being headed up by former Silverbean employees Annabel Gray (pictured), associate director, and Nichola Howard, senior affiliate marketing manager.

According to Gray, while the Australian digital landscape is evolving, there’s a vast amount of opportunity for growth which local brands aren’t currently capitalising on.

Says Gray: “In Australia, only 70 percent of the top 100 retailers have an affiliate program, and outside of this group it’s even less. Comparatively, in the UK and US partnership marketing is seen as a crucial tool for business growth that if given the right strategic focus can result in massive increased awareness and ROI.

“For example, on average we see a revenue increase of 40 percent within the first three months for our clients by helping them realise the full potential of partnership marketing. It really is that impactful.”

Affiliate programs have advanced a lot over recent years. Traditionally activity was heavily focused on bottom of funnel, however partnership marketing now encompasses a range of partners across the customer journey – from non-traditional B2B partners to content, influencers, technological and conversion touchpoints.

The Australian landscape is also getting more competitive with an increasing number of global brands setting up shop here. In addition to this, advertising costs are increasing, CPC’s are increasing, and Australia suffers from some of the highest Facebook CPM’s in the world. The average CPM on Facebook in Australia is just under $9, compared to a global average of $2.50. Australian retailers therefore need to be more creative with their budgets which is why more and more brands are turning to partnership marketing.

Silverbean currently works with many global and SME clients across a range of industries to maximise their partnership program, achieving exceptional results for both small and large brands alike.

Within three months of reinvigorating the US partnership program for luxury Parisian brand Monnier Frere, revenue increased by 62 percent with a channel contribution of 112 percent year on year.

For ATG Tickets £200k was saved in commissions and network fees to reinvest in the channel. And after optimising affiliate partner commission structures for a leading sports performance brand, Silverbean achieved revenue increases in excess of £1million within the first 12 months of management, as well as a reduction in overall Cost of Sale from 14 percent to an average of 7 percent.

Silverbean has a proven framework it has developed over 17 years, and it’s this fresh approach to partnerships it intends to use here to help Australian brands unlock the full potential from their partnership strategy.

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