Glenn Dalton: ‘Thinking from home’ – We’ve been doing it for years

Glenn Dalton: ‘Thinking from home’ – We’ve been doing it for years

By Glenn Dalton, executive creative director, Hardhat.


What is it about having a shower and having an idea? Something in the water, or just some time to yourself?

With COVID-19 social distancing policies in full swing, and working from home the new norm, we’re now having to ask our kitchens, couches, bedrooms and balconies to step up and provide the same kind of creative inspiration our bathrooms have always given us.

Thing is, to those of us in advertising, this isn’t anything new – we’ve been ‘thinking from home’ for years; we just haven’t really timesheeted it.

After a day of ‘work’ there’s usually the evening of ‘thinking’.

A laptop on the kitchen bench, a notepad on the bedside table and phone full of half-thought voice ramblings are all par for the creative course. So too are the hundreds of ‘What-do-you-think-of-this’ dinner chats our poor partners have to role-play through.

Yep, home is where the idea is. And so it will be, even more so, for the next who knows how long?

As our clients navigate through unprecedented changes and adjust to a new crazy-normal, they have and will continue to call on us, their creative agencies for big ideas to help get them through. And while we can’t be there with them, we will be there for them – in our creative cocoons we call home. Thinking. Solving.

Sure we might be a bit blurry on Zoom, or drop out on a Google Hangouts. We may have a dog on our laps or a kid tugging at our legs, but we’ll be there trying the best we can to help out in every way possible.

To all the agencies working on challenging briefs right now – all the best. May you crack some huge ideas. And I’m not talking about the award-winning ones, I’m talking about the more important ones: the job-keeping, economy-ticking, even life-saving ones the world needs right now.

See you in the shower.