Gabberish #25: The Self Promotion Issue

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Gabberish #25: The Self Promotion Issue

After a killer Pitch on Gruen last week, Youngbloods are keeping the ball rolling by guest editing the 25th issue of Gabberish. The theme of this issue hit us when we had to start writing about smaller achievements on LinkedIn while avoiding the “ick” factor.


As the mates that help you make it, Youngbloods are sharing their knowledge on pitching yourself, even when you haven’t got a lot in your book, or clients under your belt.

The Self-Promotion issue dives into the challenges faced by young people when navigating Adland. It provides tips, tricks and opportunities to leave a mark on the industry… and none of these include tattooing your dream agency’s logo onto your face.

Written by Youngbloods members from around Australia, the issue tackles diversity, how to talk about yourself when you aren’t the loudest in the room, and most importantly how to talk about yourself in 3rd person without sounding too pretentious.

Says Matt Bladin, national co-chair, Youngbloods: “Thanks to another tough year, the topic of ‘self-promotion’ is more relevant than ever for young people. It’s been awesome pulling together a Gabberish issue on the subject that doesn’t just offer insightful advice, but also gives Youngbloods a chance to promote their own creative talents.”

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