Funeral home company InvoCare celebrates life in latest creative campaign via Driven, Brisbane

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Brisbane creative agency Driven has breathed life into conversations about death, via a multi-channel campaign for several well-established Queensland funeral home brands.


Driven launched the ‘Live in the Moment, Live on in the Memory’ creative campaign across all of the ASX-listed InvoCare Australia’s Queensland brands: George Hartnett Metropolitan, Drysdale, Somerville, Burkin Svensden, City Funerals and Guardian Northern Rivers Funerals. The work aims to start a conversation about death, by encouraging people to live a big life, turning the traditional image of this service-based industry on its head.

Driven’s creative team developed the campaign to show how funerals are more than a service, they are a celebration of the micro-moments that makes a person’s life their own. The home-grown focus of the campaign showcases multiple well-known Queensland locations and heartwarming “life moments” relatable to the local audience, with the television, radio, outdoor and social executions all featuring talent from among the local residents.

Says Ben Maunder, managing director of Driven: “We are proud to have worked collaboratively with InvoCare and the local George Hartnett Metropolitan teams to give a breath of fresh air to the funeral industry. Shifting the conversation from death to life, and giving inspiration to live life how you wish. There’s no doubt as Queenslanders we fill our quota of iconic slang words, quirky traditions and delicious creations. From the famous Queensland lamington down to well-known iconic locations, we made sure to incorporate these throughout the campaign.

“We celebrate the small things in life that genuinely make lasting memories, like baking with your grandchildren or cheering on the Friday night footy. It acts as a reminder to the Queensland audience to not stop doing what makes you happy, because a life well-lived is a life well-remembered. Starting this conversation allowed us to pose the question – who will you be remembered as?”

The multi-channel campaign inspires life, communicates to a local audience, and flips a sensitive conversation.

Says Antoni Banicevic, head of marketing, InvoCare: “Driven have gone above and beyond for our Queensland brands. Driven uncovered a key component of what makes our service and directors so unique, our ability to bring joy and happiness to the families of those passed by sharing memories – they turned it into a unique campaign unlike others in our industry. Starting conversation and changing the tone for funerals. We are excited to continue developing the campaign and working with the creative team to find other ways to inspire local Queenslanders to live life to the fullest and make memories every day.”

View the case study here.

Creative and strategy: Driven
Photographer: Josh Kelly
Film production: Two Little Indians
Director: Hayley MacFarlane
DOP: Andy Gough
Producers: James Greville, Shane Ford
Post production: 3P Studio

Funeral home company InvoCare celebrates life in latest creative campaign via Driven, Brisbane Funeral home company InvoCare celebrates life in latest creative campaign via Driven, Brisbane