Frenchie invites Aussies to the party in latest ‘Everyone’s Coming’ campaign via Bounce Creative

Frenchie invites Aussies to the party in latest ‘Everyone’s Coming’ campaign via Bounce Creative

With Instagram’s stance on censorship and evolving age-gating regulations leaving sexual wellness brands and influencers in the dark, Frenchie is taking it to the streets with its latest campaign via Sydney agency Bounce Creative.


Despite sitting within a $24billion industry and being ranged nationwide through retailers like David Jones, it seems the taboo of sex continues to make brand conversations difficult to navigate across social media within the category.

As Melbourne starts to reopen post lockdown, Bounce has sparked a conversation that leans into the brand’s core values of inclusivity. With OOH sites positioned around the bar and club scene – the campaign poses a different look at what it means to be ‘jabbed’ citing that ‘everyone’s welcome’… to talk about sexual wellness, that is.

When it comes to mainstream media and education around these conversations, there is arguably a way to go.

Says Joel Chapman, executive creative director, Bounce: “We feel it’s important to be a part of this dialogue and help brands who challenge the category norms to have a platform. As Australia adapts to vaccine passports, especially on a night out, we’ve placed a lighthearted view on what it means to be ‘jabbed’ as we invite everyone to come to the party – even if it’s for a night in.”

With ongoing censorship conversations unfolding, as recently as this week with a popular US brand pushing for advertising rights in New York subways, the topic is hot on everyone’s lips.

The Aussie label has faced its fair share of content approval issues online too, as founder and CEO Shayne Mele points out: “We’ve definitely found it a challenge in this space to promote open conversation around sexual wellbeing. With so much control placed on social media platforms and their low tolerance for ‘explicit’ content, sexual education sometimes gets wrapped up under that umbrella. At Frenchie we make products that are fun, simple and safe for everyone. It’s been a really tough and challenging year for all, especially our friends in Melbourne. Lockdowns and all of the vaccine and jab talk, we just wanted to bring some humour to a pretty dull situation and subject, whilst opening up conversation about sexual wellness and inclusivity.”

The campaign has been spotted in the wild by Melbourne meme queen Winnie Blues in this post here and is popping up all over town this week and will be live until early December.

Client: Frenchie
Founder & CEO: Shayne Mele
Creative Agency: Bounce Creative
Executive Creative Director: Joel Chapman
Creative Lead: Jacob Lumbsdaine
General Manager: Michaela Lobb
Media Partner: Plakkit
PR Agency: Candid Comms
PR Manager: Jodie Moses
PR Manager: Olivia Meena