Free the Bid to hold Female Directors TVC Masterclass, Nov 30th – 1st Dec, Sydney

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Free the Bid to hold Female Directors TVC Masterclass, Nov 30th – 1st Dec, Sydney

As this year comes to a close, Free the Bid has prepared an inspiring weekend for Female Directors and any other interested film and TV people. The weekend will be held Saturday, November 30 – Sunday, December 1.


The weekend will be broken up into three parts, leading with a panel series of revered directors, including Tracey Rowe, Fiona McGee, Jasmin Tarasin and Gemma Lee just to name a few.

The panel will discuss the following subjects:
– The advantages and disadvantages of being a signed director and a freelance director in the current market
– Creating an international profile and working overseas
– How to balance family and the film business
– Making Speculative Work – How to, when to and why to or not?

The second instalment will feature a series of talks from industry experts such as:

Refining your Casting Techniques – As a revered casting director, Anousha Zarkesh will work through a variety of casting techniques that you can implement for your next project.

Get that Look with Panavision – Demystifying the technical and creative elements of the new large format cameras and lenses. Presented by Nic Godoy from Panavision Australia, the large format Workshop incorporates visual presentation, video references and live ‘set’ demonstration.

Help ! TAX ! – Film and TV industry accountant will provide a detailed workshop on how to run your own business as director, as well as expert tips on how you can make your tax suit your needs.

Free the Bid success story – Kate Halpin talks through her short and very successful career with a lot of help from Free the Bid exposure.

Advance colour grading workshop with Angela Cerasi – Building on from her popular Free the Bid session in 2018, colourist Angela Cerasi will dive deeper into the subject of colour grading language, this time de-mystifying the colour grading workflow, giving practical examples of how to get the best out of your imagery and discussing the future of post-production

The third section will be working on your brand as a director and your pitch to agencies – which is one of the most important components of being a director, and it often overlooked.

A pitch workshop will be held with leading agency producers who will help you refine your pitch, and get a clear story on your work.

Once you’ve refined your pitch, each director will have a chance to pitch to five agencies on a panel, where they will get feedback on their work and pitch technique.

The workshop will then discuss what the new framework of Free The Bid with the recent rebrand to Free The Work –

And on Sunday evening, the event will have a Free The Work Christmas party to celebrate all that it has achieved this year.

Numbers are strictly limited, so please confirm your place ASAP.

Dates: Saturday 30th Nov 10-6pm, Sunday 1st Dec 10-8pm
Tickets: $250