Former Blaze Advertising creatives Brendan Moore and Angus Williams launch The Animals

Former Blaze Advertising creatives Brendan Moore and Angus Williams launch The Animals

Blaze Advertising creatives Brendan Moore (left) and Angus Williams (right) have departed the the agency, starting a new venture, The Animals.


With the commencement of The Animals, the pair are kickstarting a business based on a radical ‘creative nomad’ and ‘hybrid agency’ approach that’s already proven successful in Europe.

Says Moore: “We thought it was time to do creative resourcing differently, and it doesn’t get much different than this.

“As creatives, we have worked together collaboratively for many years with offices in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

“We’ve also been shoulder to the wheel on projects for clients in Singapore, India and North America.

“When you look at that, it adds up to a lot of experience and knowledge across a lot of categories – the kind of knowledge that can benefit both ad agencies and clients.”

Says Williams: “The Animals are creative collaborators. What that means is regardless of whether you’re an advertising agency, design firm, marketing consultancy or business we can add value to your project, brand or communications.

“For what you hire us for we are there to assist you, and we can sign non-compete forms if needed.

“We are extremely flexible and can jump in at any stage of your process, from creative to execution to production.

“We have set ourselves up to break the mould, and the rigid way many creative outsourcers operate.

“We should also add that we are not a full-service agency, but we do offer outstanding creative service– and that’s something we’re very, very passionate about.”

The approach may be unusual, but Moore says agencies and clients are liking the new approach, and it’s converting to a diverse range of assignments: “Already we have secured project work across pharmaceutical, retail, government, home products, property, insurance sectors and more.

“As you would expect, confidentiality is 100 per cent maintained at every point which is why we are not naming names here.”