Former BBH chair Cindy Gallop applauds new Australian equality initiative ‘Mavens’

Former BBH chair Cindy Gallop applauds new Australian equality initiative ‘Mavens’

Melbourne copywriter Leah Morris has launched a new hub to champion women in advertising and media.


Mavens aims to spotlight female talent and drive awareness of our industry’s 25% pay gap and lack of women in the c-suite.

Morris was spurred on by encouragement from British ad maven and former BBH chair, Cindy Gallop.

Says Gallop: “Mavens is a terrific resource for the Australian ad industry, because no longer can any creative industry leadership say, “oh, we really WANTED to hire brilliant women, we just couldn’t find any” – they can just go straight to Mavens, see these incredibly talented women and pay them what they’re worth.”

Using her copywriting skills to interview and spotlight talented women is just one way the 30-year-old is sparking change. Together with mentor Chris Taylor, Morris has conducted a Gender Diversity Study for the Australian advertising and media industry.
The independent study surveyed 237 respondents, with only 57% citing their current workplace as inclusive and diverse.

Only 4% considered advertising and media to be equal opportunity industries.

Says Morris: “Because of the pandemic, we’re being forced to change our ways of thinking and working. Why shouldn’t this change include a renewed commitment to diversity?’.

“Through collaboration with like-minded men and women, we’re promoting the message the diverse teams create more diverse, innovative work. And that’s better for everyone.”

Results from Mavens Gender Diversity Study will be made publicly available in early 2021.

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