Finish encourages Aussies to make handwashing dishes history in new campaign via Host/Havas


Finish has unveiled its new national campaign via Host/Havas, a continuation of #FinishWaterWaste, encouraging Aussies to be more water wise by promising to make handwashing dishes history.


The new campaign, which premiered nationally across TV and OLV this week, aims to drive awareness of the level of water waste in the average Australian home via unnecessarily handwashing dishes. Up to a staggering 200 litres per week may be wasted through handwashing dishes instead of using a dishwasher1.

Says Saurabh Jain, marketing director at Reckitt Hygiene ANZ: “Around Australia we are bearing witness to volatile, unpredictable weather events more often, but we need to think of the long-term. It’s important that all of us do what we can now to make positive water-saving habits a part of our daily routine, not just during periods of peak drought. We all need to play our part and help rural Australians that still have limited access to water and are suffering from the long-term impacts of drought.

“Our responsibility is to help #FinishWaterWaste and shape more sustainable consumer behaviour, which is why we’ve launched a new creative that encourages Australians to think twice before they use the kitchen sink. #FinishWaterWaste is a simple, yet powerful initiative that all members of the family can get involved in – by all making a small change, we can make a big and lasting difference.”

The spots also celebrate the continued partnership between Australia’s leading rural charity, Rural Aid and Finish to help support farmers and wider rural communities through water reprieve and security.

The #FinishWaterWaste initiative was born from the insight that by simply stopping the habit of pre-rinsing dishes before stacking them in the dishwasher, Australians could save up to 40 litres of water per load and collectively save up to 20 billion litres of water in just one year.

Since launching the purpose-led initiative in September 2019, Finish has helped Rural Aid deliver more than 14 million litres of water to rural Australians living in drought-stricken areas.

#FinishWaterWaste is part of a global commitment from Finish to bring worldwide attention to the issue of water scarcity and inspire smarter water use.

For more information on the initiative, tips on how to reduce your water usage and to see the T&Cs, visit:

Brand: Finish, Reckitt Hygiene
Water Delivery Partner: Rural Aid
Creative Agency: Host/Havas
Production Company: Finch
Director: Kyra Bartley
Music & Audio: Song Zu
Post Production: White Chocolate
PR Agency: DEC PR
Media Agency: Zenith