Fantastic Noodles launches ‘Yup to the Cup Fantastic’ campaign via Showpony Adelaide


Fantastic Noodles has launched a new campaign via Showpony Adelaide.


Staring at a supermarket shelf packed with cup noodles, they all look pretty similar. Fantastic Noodles needed a way to stand out and stay top-of-mind in this crowded category.

Says Rory Kennett-Lister, creative director of Showpony Adelaide: “With this campaign we sought to create something that ensures when people think ‘cup noodles’ they think ‘Fantastic’.”

Says Erik de Roos, chief marketing officer at Fantastic Snacks: “Fantastic has a history of embracing unexpected, quirky advertising that cuts through the clutter. For this Fantastic Cup Noodles campaign we wanted an idea that would help make the brand more memorable and distinctive in a competitive category, which Showpony delivered.”

With a younger target audience in mind, the campaign unashamedly taps into an online sensibility, pairing offbeat humour with a strong audio component and replicable ‘dance’ moves.

Says Andy Scott, senior creative of Showpony: “When we generated the first draft of the ‘Yup to the Cup Fantastic’ jingle we suspected we were onto something. When people in the office were still humming the melody days later, we knew we had the earworm we were looking for.

Adds Kennett-Lister: “Once we had the track, we worked to build a look and feel that was as distinctive as the music. Things got weird. Good weird.”

Executed across free-to-air, outdoor and digital, the campaign also solves the age-old question of what to do while your noodles cook, with a 2-minute ‘Cup Countdown’ video (below) to keep hungry Fantastic fans entertained.

Client: Fantastic Snacks
Creative Agency: Showpony Adelaide
Executive Creative Director: Parris Mesidis
Creative Director/Director of Film: Rory Kennett-Lister
Copywriter/Director of Sound: Andy Scott
Senior Art Director: Francisco Zuccato
Strategy: Ana Coelho
Account Director: Laura Prior
Senior Account Manager: Carmel Alfano
Cinematographer: Jake Viskic
Editor: Jake Viskic
Sound Engineer: Scott Illingworth
Producer: Sarah Bond
Animation: Felipe Carrasco