Fanta aims to create more play in the world with new ‘Be More Fanta’ campaign via Ogilvy Sydney


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.31.16 am.jpgCoca-Cola South Pacific has today announced the launch of its ‘Be More Fanta’ brand campaign, aimed at inspiring youth to embrace the playful, fun and vibrant side of life via Ogilvy Sydney.

The campaign will launch Fanta’s 2016 strategy to ‘bring the fun’, designed to leverage a market growth opportunity and encourage product trial, fuelled by novelty and excitement.

bemorefanta-image-asset-1.jpgTeens and mums have been identified as the two key audiences for the ‘Be More Fanta’ campaign. Activity will focus on inspiring teens to escape their everyday pressures and embrace their playful side. Additionally, mums will be reminded of the value of play for her teenager and inspiring her with ways she can facilitate fun through social activities and treat occasions at home.

The multi-million dollar fully integrated marketing campaign includes TV, cinema, online, mobile, radio partnerships with 2Day FM and Pandora, outdoor advertising and influencer activity. It will be heroed by brand new ‘Play Packs’, a range of fun and spontaneous selfie-inspiring packaging options designed to encourage teens to get creative and post their efforts on their social media channels. The bemorefanta-image-asset-2.jpgconcept ran in in France where it is enjoyed great success, reaching 6.5 million teens in the first two weeks. A multitude of designs will be incorporated across various pack options.

The ‘Be More Fanta’ campaign will be fronted by a strong in-store presence, including the development of a full suite of point of sale merchandising to drive product visibility and maximise impact.

Says Ramona Spiteri, brand manager, Fanta: “The ‘Be More Fanta’ campaign is at the forefront of our strategy to bring more play into the world. We want to become a driver for the category and encourage youth to escape from the seriousness of life, as well as reminding them of the importance of having spontaneous fun! Fanta is the perfect brand to run with this message due to its creative and playful history. It also has a proven track record of success, having delivered significant growth since 2009 and is continuing to flourish, something we expect to build on in 2016.”

Agency collaboration: UM, Ogilvy, Adhesive, Passport, MIX Inc