Ex-GPY&R’s Blake Paul Kendall launches crowd funding campaign for The Penan Children’s Book

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1396961553.JPGEx-GPY&R TV producer Blake Paul Kendall is launching a crwod-funding campaign for his latest project – The Penan’s Children’s Book.

Says Kendall: “Last year I had the honor of spending time in the Jungles of Borneo with Penan communities. The Penan are the indigenous people of the jungles in Borneo and like many indigenous groups around the world they face the loss of their language and culture from outside threats.

To be part of the story and donate, click here to go to the campaign page.

“Shocked and moved by my experiences in the jungle, I decided to – with members from the Penan community – workshop, write and illustrate a children’s book. This will be one of the first educational resources in language for the Penan and one small step in allowing for the Penan language and culture to be taught to the next generation.”


The crowd-funding campaign will fund the costs to print the book as well as cover the costs for myself and trusted Penan Elders to travel around the jungle and hand deliver a copy of the book to every Penan child.


People can also show support by sharing the crowd-funding link with their networks – friends, family, members of the community and colleagues. People can also support by sharing on social media- on Twitter and Facebook.

Kendall’s passion started when GPYR awarded him ‘The Explorer Award’ which was a grant to enable projects that give a greater understanding of the world we live in.

Says Kendall: “I got a grant to go to Guatemala and research the balance of modernity and tradition with the Maya, the indigenous peoples. This ignited my passion.

“Since leaving Patts, I have been using my skills learnt to really do everything I can to help these cultures.”


Donations will be accepted until May 11th, 2014.