Entropico EP + director Timothy Burnett directs Hugo Weaving in new Flight Facilities music video

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Future Classic has today released the video for Flight Facilities’ latest single ‘Heavy (feat. Your Smith)’, directed by Entropico EP and director Timothy Burnett, and starring Hugo Weaving.


With only four weeks until the video’s release date, Burnett pitched the bold idea of shooting the clip for ‘Heavy’ as a character-driven short film shot on 35mm film, with legendary Australian actor Weaving as its star.

A few days after sending Weaving a script, he was on board and production was underway.

The music video drops us into an afternoon with two shady characters, Paddy and George, as they take care of some errands around town. All the while, George (Hugo Weaving) receives texts from a mysterious character called ‘Gran’. Underneath, a hidden dilemma is boiling to the surface, taking our two characters to a tense and shocking climax.

Weaving was joined by iconic Sydney musician Joyride (Rowan Dix), as his companion Paddy.

Says Burnett: “For ‘Heavy’ my idea was to create a brief snapshot into the lives of two men on the verge of a hidden crisis. When I got sent the track by Flight Facilities, I thought the narrative needed to be simple, yet speak to a weighty and troubling dilemma. The only way to do that in a three-minute video was to treat the piece a bit like a character study, playing off the actors’ chemistry, and leaving a few questions unanswered.

“I opted to shoot it on 35mm film; wanting to transport the talent into a nostalgic Australian past, but without the budget for a period piece. Film was the best way to do that. I’ve done quite a few shoots on film with DOP Grégoire Lière, so the workflow wasn’t foreign to us.

“Working with Flight Facilities, Future Classic, Hugo Weaving, and Joyride was great fun; all the teams shared the vision, and the project was very smooth sailing. A huge shout out to the amazing crew and Entropico team who made this happen so beautifully.”

‘Heavy’ is the final single before Flight Facilities release their sophomore album Forever.

Label: Future Classic
Artist: Flight Facilities
Song: Heavy (feat. Your Smith) (single from new album Forever)
Starring: Hugo Weaving, Rowan Dix

Prod Co: Entropico
EP / Director: Timothy Burnett
Producer: Gus Kennelly
Producer: Jakson Gray
DOP: Gregoire Liere
1AC: Simon Noonan
Film Loader: Pat Wiecks
Gaffer: Mat Wilson
Best Boy: Josh Royce
H&MU: Amber Adams
Production Designer: Chloe Hayman
Stylist: Isabella Mamas
PA: Jack Chapman
Onset Photographer: Natasha Foster
BTS: Mondo Hays

Editor: Jos Eastwood
Sound Design: Rowan Dix
Colourist: Matt Fezz

Film Development: NegLab
Film Scan: Piccolo Films
Gear: Panavision