Engine Room director Damien Cassar wins Best Direction in an Online Comedy Project at ADG


Damien Cassar.jpgEngine Room director and lead creative Damien Cassar has picked up the Australian Directors’ Guild award for Best Direction In An Online Comedy Project for his film Lowering Awareness.

A group of passionate yet incompetent do-gooders, concerned with the dangerously high level of awareness of things we don’t need to know about, launch a campaign to “lower awareness”. After several failed attempts, their campaign hits a dangerous crossroads as it begins to heighten awareness of the very thing it was designed to lower.

Cassar, who also wrote the screenplay alongside writer/comedian Mark Humphries, says he was delighted by the recent ADG win.


Says Cassar: “What can I say, this is a huge honour. Thanks to all the cast and crew, especially my co-writer Mark. Of course I’m a little concerned that this has raised rather than lowered awareness of Lowering Awareness.”