Emad Tahtouh to depart Nakatomi after ten years

Emad Tahtouh to depart Nakatomi after ten years

Emad Tahtouh, managing director of creative technology company Nakatomi, has decided to leave the company in the coming months to spend more time with his young family and to explore new opportunities.


Starting at FINCH in 2011 as director of technology, Tahtouh was integral in leading the team to a succession of multi award winning campaigns. His outstanding work for FINCH’s technology department saw it expand into the innovation, XR and adventure-driven company, Nakatomi. As managing director of Nakatomi, Tahtouh crafted a culture that nurtured growth while valuing creativity and innovation and was fundamental in creating socially conscious and humanising technology that is of valuable service to the community.

Says Rob Galluzzo, CEO of FINCH: “Emad has been instrumental in his leadership at Nakatomi. He has built an extraordinary team with vision and purpose, leaving a wonderful legacy. I wish him all the luck in the world for whatever he does next, no doubt it will be successful.”

Says Tahtouh: “I’ve spent the last 10 years at FINCH and Nakatomi collaborating to develop campaigns and projects that help solve challenges in the world, and building a strong team who are capable of designing and delivering solutions to those challenges. It’s time for me to stop and reset my brain. I am now looking forward to taking an extended break with my young family and exploring the world for the next challenge to solve.”