ELMO Software launches refreshed brand look and feel via It’s Friday

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The world of HR has changed a lot since ELMO was founded 21 years ago, and it was time that the brand – how it looked and communicated changed with it. It’s Friday recently worked with ELMO to develop a new purpose, vision and values to articulate how and why it does business and provide a strong foundation for ELMO’s next phase of growth.


The next part of the brand update was to develop a new brand identity, to drive distinctiveness in an increasingly competitive landscape and position ELMO for a more impactful future.

After two decades with its signature red, white and blue, ELMO has embraced a bold and confident new look to reflect the big, bold changes within the HR community the company serves.

Says Kate Jones, chief marketing officer at ELMO: “The It’s Friday team have led us to a more distinctive and thought-provoking brand.  At its most effective, our brand should encompass the perceptions, reputation, and experience that our clients have with us. Our new brand firmly does that.”

Says Vince Lagana, chief creative officer and co-founder at It’s Friday: “The new design system was inspired by all the amazing things that make ELMO a force in the HR world. It reflects the brand’s data and software capabilities in a bold and contemporary way that brings a breath of fresh air to the category.”