Edge launches new Intern Program ‘Edge Up’ for university students in their final year

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Edge launches new Intern Program ‘Edge Up’ for university students in their final year

Edge has launched its 2020 intern program ‘Edge Up’, an 8-week intensive program for university students in their final year.


Students will be mentored in their main area of interest by the industry’s best professionals, whether in account management, strategy, editorial and design.

They will also be exposed to other areas of the agency through weekly lectures and 101 sessions by department heads. They will attend the company’s monthly Edge University training as well all company gathering and functions.

Students will work collaboratively over the eight weeks to deliver a strategic and creative response for a real-world pro bono client brief. At the end of the program they will be given the opportunity to pitch to the client and agency at large.

Students will be able to pick the brains of the agency’s senior staff through laid-back Q&A sessions over a coffee.

Says Nicole Gardner, executive director of account management, Edge: “Getting the best and brightest young talent into Edge is so important and Edge Up is a key part of that. We have developed a structured learning experience for students and integrated the programme into the day to day, week to week agency activities so it is a sustainable investment for us.

“The program is a great opportunity to kick-start a career in advertising, Gardner continues. “Over the last three years we have recruited five new members of the Edge team via intern programs and we expect that to continue.”

Edge is currently seeking applications. Due to COVID-19, the program will kick-off later in the year, likely in September.

Applicants can apply via the following link: https://www.edge.agency/edge-2020-internship-program