Ecco shoe brand and Fox in Flats’ fashion blogger Andrea Zanetich launch online magazine via PR agency Zing and Swish Design


front cover.jpgBuilding on their long standing partnership, ECCO has teamed up with leading fashion blogger Fox in Flats’, Andrea Zanetich to create an online magazine like no other via PR agency Zing and graphic design agency Swish Design.

The e-magazine is an ideal example of the result of a successful relationship between brand and blogger and how both can be fused together to create content that is beneficial for the consumer.

The Spring Fashion Guide is an essential handbook for those wanting style advice on how to create the perfect Spring outfit when teamed up with complementing shoe styles.

The guide features ten pages of fashion tips and key highlights of the ECCO Spring/Summer collection. The magazine also includes seven essential shoe styles for Spring, tips on what to look for when shopping for shoes, style ideas and inspiration and a handy guide for where to wear your shoes as road tested by  Zanetich herself.

Featuring images by photographer Xiaohan Shen and modeled by Zanetich, the visuals reflect the places these consumers spend most of their time – playing in the park with their kids, beach cafes, school pickup, the library and shopping.

Says Zanetich: “Women are tired of seeing 20 year old giraffes modeling trends in fantasy contexts that are a huge departure from their day-to-day. By showcasing the shoes and sharing style tips relevant to the consumer we are making fashion more accessible.”

As well as being easy to access, the e-magazine is also available to download and share with family, friends and those you feel need a bit of assistance in the fashion department. Live for only 2 weeks, the magazine has had over 15,000 views and this is growing every day.

Ex-marketer turned blogger Zanetich who created and edits Fox in Flats, has appeared at a number of conferences discussing brand and blogger relationships, using her relationship with ECCO as a prime example of how this can be done successfully.

Says Zanetich: “Drawing on 15 years in blue-chip FMCG marketing I’ve got a clear idea on how to deliver useful and meaningful consumer communications through my blog that will also achieve business success for brands.”

Wadia Alkhoury, marketing manager of ECCO, who initially instigated the relationship with Fox in Flats with PR Agency Zing, agrees that the partnership is mutually beneficial.

Says Alkhoury: “At ECCO we want to deliver valuable and exciting consumer experiences that extend the comfort & style message of the brand. Partnering with Fox in Flats means that we can create this value for our shared target audience while showing the fashion side to our products.”