Eardrum gets creative in competitive job market

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Eardrum gets creative in competitive job market



As ad dollars begin to flow again, agencies are needing to innovate to find the best creative talent in a competitive environment.


Specialist audio agency Eardrum has taken the unique approach to use audio ads to recruit a new creative director. Eardrum then posted the ads across social media and industry podcasts.

Says Ralph van Dijk, founding creative director, Eardrum: “Eardrum’s reputation has been built on finding innovative ways for brands to use audio. So it seemed like a perfectly obvious approach for us to take.”

The other issue it faced was finding the time to create the ads during the busiest period in its thirty-year history.

Says van Dijk: “I was getting hounded to write the ads so jokingly suggested my producer throw it out to Fiverr. We then thought, actually what have we got to lose?”

The result features a diverse range of characters consisting of a Nigerian love poet, a teenage German ukulele player and a mid-western American mother.

Adds van Dijk: “They’re not exactly polished, but hopefully it’s the sort of thinking the person we’re trying to recruit will appreciate.”