Durex Fundawear allows lovers to touch over the internet in latest campaign via Havas Sydney – more than 2 million YouTube hits in four days


Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 5.43.47 PM.jpgScreen shot 2013-04-19 at 1.10.19 PM.jpgUPDATED: In a new campaign encouraging Australians to ‘Durexperiment’, Durex Australia and Havas Worldwide Sydney have  revealed the launch of Fundawear, a prototype set of underwear that allows couples to connect by sending touch over the internet for the first time.

Fundawear adds a new dimension to Skype and social media. Previously couples could only communicate visually, the technology behind Fundawear now means that couples can touch, tease, tickle and tantalize, even when they are apart.  

In Australia, Durex is a challenger brand with low awareness versus the market leader. Only thirty-five percent of young Aussies mention Durex when asked to name condom brands in Australia. Those that do know Durex see it and the market leader as ‘like for like’ in attributes such as trust and safety.

In addition, this is a category where you pay a penalty for not being top of mind, as consumers spend an average three seconds at shelf, so it is important to capture them prior to purchase. 

The aim of Fundawear and the ‘Durexperiment’ platform is to position Durex as a brand that ‘helps me achieve better sex’. It encourages consumers to engage with the brand, creating an image for Durex that encapsulates what sexual freedom, adventure, enthusiasm, and originality mean to Australian youth.

Fundawear is the ultimate proof of the brand’s innovative approach to sex, allowing couples to connect even when they’re apart.

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Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 5.43.00 PM.jpgScreen shot 2013-04-21 at 5.42.44 PM.jpgTo develop the world-first technology behind Fundawear, Havas approached Snepo Technologies and fashion designer Billie Whitehouse. The team worked closely to create the garments, the technology and a smartphone app that allows them to seamlessly communicate the sensation of touch. 

When one person touches their touchscreen device, and a signal is sent wireless via a real time server to their partner’s smartphone. The signal is then instantaneously sent to touch-actuators woven into the fabric of the partner’s underwear, transferring the sensation of touch to their skin.  The Fundawear app is built in Apple’s iOS platform but can be released onto Android and other smartphone platforms in the future.

Havas and Snepo initially spent weeks talking with Universities, research labs and experts in recreating human touch and other bio-movement.  The break-through moment was discovering how human skin actually senses touch.  Nerves are clustered together in varying density across the body.  Hands have thousands of senses, whereas on the chest they’re spaced out.  The number of touch actuators and formation was chosen based on the body area and the density of these nerves to recreate the most natural feeling of touch. The team worked with Billie Whitehouse to incorporate the tech into a custom-made Fundawear garments, ensuring the sensors with perfectly placed to create maximum sensitivity. 

For the launch, Havas has created a ‘Durexperiment’ Facebook campaign that encourages people to experiment with different ways of enjoying great sex. Four online videos have been created for the launch to bring to life the reality of Fundawear and to excite the audience about now having the ability to touch over the internet.

Steve Coll.jpgSays Steve Coll (left), Executive Creative Director of Havas Worldwide Sydney: “As work and modern life keep couples apart more often, Skype and social media have allowed us to stay in touch visually, but not physically. Fundawear represents the next step, where we can add the ability to touch over the internet. It’s technology that has the potential to make a huge difference to people’s lives and the way couples connect.” 

Havas has also released a series of sexy, provocative YouTube films that recreate the story of Fundawear, including a world-first live trial where a real couple used this innovative technology for the first time. Also interviews with our experts, and this communication will be seeded in popular Australian blogs and websites.  For those wanting to find out more, there is a dedicated Durexperiment Facebook page with exclusive interviews on the fashion, technology and sociological implications of Fundawear, allowing the community to be entertained on an ongoing basis.

Says Dr. Nikki Goldstein, Sexologist and Relationship experts:  “When it comes to sex, people often focus the majority of importance on penetration rather than touch, which can be vital for intimacy, sexual pleasure and relationship satisfaction. When we touch someone we have the ability to connect with them, allow them to feel secure and desired, and even release sex hormones that can help us get in the mood. Fundawear will not only help to replicate touch when a couple can’t physically be together, but also help people laugh, enjoy and have fun with the intimate side of their relationship. Instead of a text, email or phone call to let them know you are thinking about them, why not touch them?”

Adds Christopher Tedesco, Marketing Director Durex: “At Durex, we believe sex should be fun – spontaneous and full of surprises. That’s why we are continually ‘durexperimenting’ with new ways to encourage people to have the best sex ever. Fundawear is he first ‘Durexperiment’ and we’re excited about the opportunity it presents to couples.” 

Durex Australia has committed to develop Fundawear as a fully-functional working prototype, with further development plans dependent on public interest. However, for those keen to try the product, Durex is putting Fundawear to the ultimate test by giving away a night in a luxury hotel with 2 rooms for the couple to try Fundawear on themselves. 

Visit Durex Experiment to find out more and get Fundawear for yourself.

Havas WW Australia Team:

Steve Coll, Executive Creative Director

Jack Nunn, Copywriter

Jay Morgan, Digital Creative Director

William Brown, Digital Art Director

Manuella Perche, Brand strategist/Group Account Director

Nicole Dongara, Brand strategist/Senior Account Manager

Chris Johnson, Creative Group Head

Warrick Nicholson, Creative Services Director

Jeronimo De Leon, Digital Project Director

Ros Payne, Senior TV Producer

Darren Cole, Head of Design

Nic Adamovich, Designer



Christopher Tedesco, Marketing director

Alix Russell, Category Manager

Kelly Benton, Brand Manager


Billie Whitehouse, Designer 

Ben Moir, Tech Director – Snepo Technologies

Nick Hayden, Director – Finch

Debbie Cockle – Momentum

Kim McKay, Director – Klick 

Margarita Peker, Community Manager – Klick

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