‘Dumb Ways to Die’ the all-time most awarded campaign in Cannes Lions’ history: 5 Grand Prix, 18 Gold Lions, 3 Silver Lions, 2 Bronze Lions


dumb_ways_to_die.jpgCANNES became McCANNES last night as McCann Melbourne celebrated the addition of two Grand Prix, three Gold Lions, a Silver and Bronze at last night’s awards.

The official haul, which smashed previous record holder ‘Best job in the world’ – also from Australia via SapientNitro, Brisbane – is a staggering five Grand Prix, 18 Gold Lions, three Silver Lions and two Bronze.

Mescall-Baron-double-grand-prix.jpgDWTD was the most loved campaign of the week. During his acceptance speech when awarded the Lion of St Mark, ad legend Lee Clow said “I wish I did Dumb ways to Die’, and fellow legend Dan Wieden said, “this is the campaign everyone here wishes they did” after it won the Integrated Grand Prix.

After those comments McCann Australia ECD John Mescall (far right), who wrote the campaign (which was art directed by Pat Baron -near right – and animated by Julian Frost) told CB: “It was a very nice moment”.