Download your FREE hi-res PDF of the Campaign Brief Hot+Cold Chart for Sydney+Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and New Zealand

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The annual CB AgencyCreativity/Billings Index (or Hot+Cold Chart) is a must for all agency CEOs and ECDs plus marketers on the look-out for a new agency – or to see where their agency is placed in the industry.

There is a chart for Melbourne/Sydney, plus Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, as well as New Zealand.

These hi-res PDFs can be printed out and pinned on your wall – or you can blow up to A2 or A1 and frame.


Download the 2019 Sydney/Melbourne Chart:


Download the 2019 Perth Chart

Download the 2019 Adelaide Chart

Download the 2019 Brisbane Chart


Download the 2019 New Zealand Chart



HOT-COLD-CHART-NZ-WA-QLD-SA-2019.jpgAbout the CB Hot+Cold Chart:

While size may be important to some big clients (“I’ve got a bigger agency than you”), it is by no means the only measure of an agency’s worth. Which is why Campaign Brief introduced in 1997 a new way of measuring our agencies: by relating their size to their creative product.

That way, clients seeking a big, creative agency know where to look. Some may prefer a small, creative shop. Others may seek a big, conservative operation. Or a small shop that pumps out what they want, when they want it, at the right price.

Whatever their tastes, CB make it easier to see where a selection of agencies in Australia and New Zealand sit in our 23rd Annual Big vs Small – Hot vs Cold cross-analysis.

You can view this issue and past CB issues and subscribe at Campaign Brief Online or contact Mina via email.