Dove calls for a national inquiry into body image in new campaign via PHD, FORWARD and POLY

Dove calls for a national inquiry into body image in new campaign via PHD, FORWARD and POLY

Real beauty pioneer Dove has partnered with Butterfly Foundation to call for a National Inquiry into body image in the hope to bring about real change to harmful body ideals in Australia. The first of its kind multi-channel campaign, developed by PHD Australia and FORWARD, features advertising that visually evolves as more Australians sign the petition.


The campaign aims to address the issue of body dissatisfaction in Australia after recent research commissioned by Dove revealed that more than half of Australian girls (58%) are dissatisfied with their overall appearance.

Says Christine Weatherby, marketing manager Australia, Dove: “This call for a National Body Image Inquiry in partnership with Butterfly Foundation is the next necessary step to truly understand the reality and impact of body dissatisfaction in Australia, so that industry codes, policies and programs can be put in place to reduce the potential for harm within online and real-world environments, and to protect and support the body image of children, young people and adults. Dove is calling for all Australians to sign the petition, increase awareness of this issue and ultimately drive change for young Australians impacted by body dissatisfaction. For every name added to the campaign, it takes us one step closer to succeeding in creating change.”

Running across video, social, outdoor, influencer marketing and PR, the campaign forms the second phase of Dove’s #DetoxYourFeed platform launched earlier this year, and ignites greater social and political action behind Dove’s commitment to help all women develop a positive relationship with the way they look.

Dove calls for a national inquiry into body image in new campaign via PHD, FORWARD and POLY

Says Mitchell Long, national head of strategy, PHD: “Given the research findings and the fact that the last time a call for an inquiry into body image was in 2009, before many of today’s big social media apps even existed, PHD and FORWARD saw a genuine need for inquiry. To motivate action, a core part of our strategy was to visualise our progress as more Australians sign the petition in order to rally others to get behind the cause.”

Dove and PHD engaged POLY, oOh! Media’s creative and innovation hub to bring the idea to life across iconic outdoor digital screens with responsive ads hosting a live tally that in turn evolves the artwork as more Australians sign the petition.

The outdoor campaign features a live dynamic counter that invites people to sign the petition via a QR code. The creative is built upon Dove’s existing TVC of a girl on her mobile viewing toxic beauty advice which appears to be negatively impacting her self-esteem. As more people sign the petition, the number of toxic social tiles displayed decreases, enabling supporters to witness their impact and remove toxic advice from the girl’s feed in real-time. The executions will be supported on ground with brand ambassadors engaging the public to discuss and consider signing the petition.

Says Neil Ackland, chief content, marketing and creative officer, oOh!: “At POLY, we’re proud to have partnered with Dove, Butterfly and PHD to bring this important campaign to life. As a creative and innovation hub, we’ve pushed the boundaries to engage audiences via Out of Home and show them the impact of their support in real-time. It’s thrilling to see how technology can be used to drive social and political change. Dove’s campaign is a testament to POLY’s creativity and passion for innovation.”

To learn more about the petition and how you can support, visit

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