Doss Blockos turns its brown-paper bags blue to support this year’s Polished Man campaign

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East_9th_Brewing_Doss_Blockos_Polished_Man_BenjaminCairns_ElliotCostello_JoshLefers_StephenWools (2).jpgThe owners of East 9th Brewing, Josh Lefers, Stephen Wools and Benjamin Cairns, will paint their fingernails blue in a bid to help raise awareness and $50,000 for the Polished Man Campaign from August until the end of October 2018.

Polished Man is an organisation that seeks to end violence against children globally through supporting those impacted by violence or at risk of violence here in Australia and around the world. Being part of the campaign means painting one fingernail blue to represent the one child who dies every 5 minutes because of violence. That blue fingernail starts conversations that drive awareness and raises funds.

Doss_Blockos_Polished_Man_SM_Help (2).jpgAlong with their fingernails, the three forward-thinking owners of East 9th are colouring over 100,000 of their iconic Doss Blockos brown-paper bags blue.

Says Cairns: “We’re pretty excited that our Polished Man blue bags will be available in bars, clubs, restaurants and retailers across the country. It’s a huge job, but well worth it to help raise awareness of this important issue.”

The three owners of one of Australia’s bigger independent brewing companies are joining other Polished Men like Chris Hemsworth and Michael Klim. The Doss Blockos brand itself will be joining other brands like Grill’d and Bank Australia in being part of a national campaign that helps end violence against children.

Says Wools: “It all started as a bet. We had raised money to build a school in Bangladesh with YGAP ten years ago. Elliot Costello (founder of YGAP, the not-for-profit behind Polished Man) and Kylie Wallace (the campaign manager of Polished Man) challenged us to go bigger than just the three owners of East 9th this year. They wanted us to get the entire hospitality community involved to help raise awareness and $50,000 for Polished Man.”

Says Wallace: “We couldn’t believe it when they said they wanted to help raise $50k. We are so pleased to have the support of the hospitality community through the involvement of Josh, Steve and Benjamin. The real power is in the breadth of influential people raising awareness and money together as a community.”

In the company’s usual innovative style, the Doss Blockos team is giving away trips to New York City for key Polished Men or Women to join them for the North American wrap party.

Says Lefers: “Supporting Polished Man is the completion of a long-term dream we have had to be the sort of company that can be commercial as well as have a positive impact on society.”

The Polished Man fundraising campaign runs during October but the Doss Blockos Polished Man campaign begins two months earlier to give venues and outlets and the hospitality community time to participate.

To get involved sign up or donate at: Information on how to join as well as how to have a chance at winning a trip to NYC can be found there.