‘Don’t feel sorry for old mate’: South Australian Tourism Commission launches controversial new campaign via TBWA\Melbourne


It’s his own damn fault he didn’t visit Adelaide sooner! A new campaign for SA Tourism via TBWA\Melbourne tells the sad tale of when an older gent (finally) came to Adelaide, he soon realised just how vibrant and exciting it is.

With a heart full of regret, he wrote a blog about the ‘7 things to do in Adelaide in your 70’s’. But really, his recommendations of what to do, see and explore are for everyone.

SA Tourism Commission marketing executive director Brent Hill says the campaign was deliberately controversial and aimed to get people talking: “You’d be crazy if you made an ad like this and didn’t expect to get some response.

“That’s obviously what it was designed to do – we definitely wanted to put something out there that was getting a message across. We knew it wasn’t going to be of everyone’s cup of tea.

“We want to punch home that message that too many people were saying ‘we’ll get to Adelaide one day.’”