Director Thuy Vy signs to Playground

Director Thuy Vy signs to Playground

Director Thuy Vy has joined Playground’s roster.


Vy’s body of work demonstrates both a poetic and photogenic sensibility. He’s a special kind of storyteller, empathetic, curious, and whose work has been recognised by Cannes Young Directors and AdFest.

Vy’s vision and philosophy compliments the burgeoning team of creatives at Playground, a roster of filmmakers, illustrators and animators who look at the world a bit differently.

Director Thuy Vy signs to Playground

Vy’s work captures more than a surface, an approach to people and worlds that embodies a palpable sense of spirit and humanity – a director who can bring a thoughtful, emotive tone to a brand’s voice, or message…a true romantic in the best sense of the word.

Strength and the symbolic nature of the moving image, of each frame, is very important to Vy. The quiet image conveys much without need of words, his universal visual language doesn’t require dialogue to make sense of, or to have an emotional response.

Director Thuy Vy signs to Playground

Says Nick Garner, producer at Playground: “Thuy’s voice – lyrical, intimate, strident, touching – has been honed through the camera, showing us our world as sculpted time.”

Says Vy: “I’m fascinated by film’s relationship to reality and its limitless possibility to distort it into a world of dreams. I have strong ideas about what I want to achieve in my work but I’m always open to conversation and collaboration with my peers. I believe in having a team where we are like family and can have honest exchange of ideas and opinions to contribute to a project,”

Says Garner: “We kept coming back to Thuy’s work, it’s more than just beautifully crafted, it’s smart and powerful and utterly unexpected. We’re honoured to represent his singular practice.”

To check out the work, click here, or to chat with Nick about projects, please email