Detectives Sarge and Jacs return in Budget Direct’s latest TVC via 303 MullenLowe, Sydney


Budget Direct has launched the follow-up to its blockbuster crime thriller mystery campaign, which launched last year via 303 MullenLowe Sydney.


The spot features Sarge and Jacs, who are standing at a news stand, behind them a dramatic scene is unfolding. An extra-terrestrial being is headed for them and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Sarge picks up a copy of the latest Money magazine, there is something else on his mind… Budget Direct are Insurer of the Year three years in a row, and yet all these people are completely oblivious. WHY? Can Sarge finally get some answers? Why are people still paying too much for insurance? Money Magazine’s Insurer of the Year, three years in a row.

Goodoil / Rattling Stick director Daniel Kleinman was brought on again to shoot the new spot.