delicious. celebrates annual Produce Awards in new video campaign via Visual Domain

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To celebrate the 17th year of the delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards, Harvey Norman and delicious. have partnered with Australia’s largest video production company, Visual Domain, to create a 10-minute video campaign that shines a light on Australia’s best producers, who are harvesting the produce that’s supplied to the country’s top chefs and hospitality venues.


The video campaign features Gerry Harvey leading a conversation with top artisan chef and restaurateur Matt Moran, diving into how he incorporates seasonality into menus and the importance of working with local producers. The video also features three of Australia’s best producers, along with Chiswick head chef Taylor Cullen preparing a dish using these farmers’ fresh produce.

The 2022 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards focus on the way food producers grow, cultivate, harvest and catch the produce they supply to Australia’s leading chefs and establishments. This year’s awards also feature a strong focus on environmental sustainability, provenance, species diversity and preservation, as well as the importance of collaboration with the local community. In light of this, the video discusses the future of farming, from paddock to plate.

Says Jess Lund, lead producer for food and travel at Visual Domain: “We had so much fun working on this project with delicious. and Harvey Norman. Food plays such a significant role in the lives of so many Australians, and it’s been great to be able to highlight these producers and their incredible stories.”

Says Magna Chan, video production manager at delicious.: “The delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards is such a key part of our calendar and we were delighted to work with the team at Visual Domain to champion the story of our Australian farmers and producers. We wanted to showcase the importance of sustainability, innovation and collaboration in the food production industry, which brings so much flavour to our plates every day. Working closely with Visual Domain, this message was translated beautifully into a meaningful piece of video storytelling.”

Says Krysia Bonkowski, editor, delicious.: “Australia’s incredible growers and makers work so hard to deliver the world-class produce that sustains our restaurant industry and inspires home cooks everywhere. Rarely, however, do they get the recognition they deserve – and that’s what makes the delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards so important. Visual Domain helped us capture the spirit of the awards with a beautiful execution that took us all over Australia and reminded us why it’s so important to #knowyourproducer.”

The winners of the 2022 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards have been announced in the September issue of delicious. magazine, on sale now.

Director – Claudia Fitzgerald
Producer – Jess Lund
Director of Photography – Darren Wertheim
Film Crew – Josh Hargrave & Dave Stoelhorst
Production Coordinator – Caleb Rodda
Editor – Natasha Millist

Gerry Harvey – Co-founder and Chairman of Harvey Norman
Matt Moran – Australian Chef and Restaurateur
Luke Buchholz – Nautical Wholesale Seafood – 2022 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards Trophy Winner
Mahlah Grey – The Pines Kiama – 2020 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards Gold Medallist
David Allison – Stix Farm – 2020 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards Gold Medallist
Taylor Cullen – Head Chef – Chiswick Woollahra