Dare Iced Coffee launches new ‘Brain Fail Tales’ campaign via Hardhat


This is the Brain Fail Tale of Anonymous Vomitus.

No matter the idea, the agency or client
When an ad was posted, his fingers couldn’t keep quiet.
They itched to write a comment, something clever, but cruel
“Been done before hack – go back to Award School”

This post was no different, Anonymous Vomitus thought
A guy talking to camera, out of 10, this gets nought!
He fired off his comment, eager to cause some pain
But he was typing without thinking, and mistakenly revealed his real name.

When your tale’s lost the plot, a Dare fix’ll fix it! ‘Brain Fail Tales’ is the new campaign for Dare Iced Coffee from independent creative agency, Hardhat.


The series of films have launched on social and digital channels and will roll out over the coming month.

Says Anne Scott, brand manager – Dare, Bega Dairy and Drinks: “Dare has a brand purpose centered on mental clarity and Dare is on a mission to fix those daily brain fails, no matter how big or small. We’re excited to share a campaign that shows exactly why Dare is a leading Iced Coffee brand in Australia.”

Says Glenn Dalton, executive creative at Hardhat: “Dare has a one simple brand story to tell – A Dare Fix’ll fix it – but many ways to tell it. We’ve all told stories that start strong but then end, well sometimes without an ending. And if anyone can help put some sense back into our sentences, it’s a little man, reading a big book, sitting in a leather chair on the famous pile of Dare Iced coffee beans.”

Hardhat was founded in 2005 by Dan Monheit and Justin Kabbani. The agency, now a team of 40, builds brands through a combination of creativity and behavioural insights.

Bega Dairy and Drinks
Anne Scott – Brand Manager, Dare
Simone Formisano – Senior Brand Manager, Dare
Anne Dowsley – Head of Marketing, Milk Beverages

Glenn Dalton – Executive Creative Director
Andy Segal – Creative Director
Chris Hince – Creative Director
Char Wren – Head of Production
Jacob Dealy-Hewitt – Account Director

Production Company: Positive Ape
Jason Byrne – Executive Producer
Michael J Lutman – Director
Front of House – Sound