Danone Nutricia consolidates eCommerce platform services with CHEP Network

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Danone Nutricia consolidates eCommerce platform services with CHEP Network

Building on a successful partnership over the last five years, Danone Nutricia has consolidated its digital eCommerce platform services with CHEP Network after a competitive RFP process. This is in addition to the CMS platform, AdTech, MarTech, creative and brand planning remit already held by the agency.


Says Gareth Kleinman, senior eBusiness manager at Danone: “The CHEP team have been a critical partner to Danone for some time now and have already played a key role in the digitisation of our marketing programme.

“They really impressed us throughout the eCommerce RFP process with their deep understanding of the commerce space, drivers of shopper behaviour, their understanding of UX, personalisation and technical smarts to run a scalable and frictionless shopping experience.”

The scope includes the management of Danone’s NutriciaStore platform as well as a broader remit to drive headless integrations of Danone’s eCommerce capabilities into its wider brand portfolio and B2B programmes and support the innovation of Danone’s D2C business offering.

Says Annabelle Pocock, client partner, CHEP: “We’re absolutely delighted to broaden our scope with Danone. The Danone brands we work with are all so interesting from a marketing perspective in terms of the unique audiences that they speak to and challenges in reaching those groups.

“Our work on Danone truly encompasses the kind of New Economy Creativity that we want to produce for clients. Multi-channel, connected, digital-first, data-driven and innovative work.”

Says Mark Gretton, CTO, CHEP: “We love working in the eCommerce space. It’s so exciting to be able to see the results of the actions that you take to enhance a digital sales experience translate so tangibly into commercial outcomes for our clients.

“Danone has invested early in the CDP space too, so we’re really looking forward to joining the dots between the CDP programme that we have led to-date and the commerce programme to push the boundaries further on Danone’s use of personalisation to really drive up their eCommerce conversion metrics.”