Dailymotion Advertising announces strategic partnership with digital platform Scroll Media

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Dailymotion Advertising announces strategic partnership with digital platform Scroll Media

Leading global video marketing platform Dailymotion Advertising has announced a strategic partnership with Scroll Media, a prominent digital platform in Australia.


By leveraging Scroll Media’s extensive ad network across major publishers such as Healthline, Gameloft, The Roar and CNET this collaboration aims to offer enhanced video advertising reach with high-intent audience insight personas. Scroll Media’s expertise in integration, video, sponsored content, branded partnerships, and direct audience buys perfectly complements Dailymotion Advertising’s advanced video technologies, boosting reach and engagement in Australia’s diverse markets.

The Dailymotion video player is a top-tier, instream solution, compliant with MOAT and IAS, achieving 85% viewability with no UGC content. For advertisers, this partnership unlocks full-funnel video performance, providing deep consumer behavior insights, high-impact video ad units, and cookieless data solutions.

Vijay Kunduri (above left), Dailymotion Advertising MD of APAC, with over 28 years of experience in audience engagement in the AdTech sector, highlights the significance of this partnership: “We are delighted to partner with Scroll Media for video advertising sales representation in Australia, given the success of their Gameloft partnership, another Vivendi owned company. We are happy to provide brands in Australia with premium instream inventory at scale, along with our proprietary data solutions for media planning and measurement.”

Says Jane Ormsby (above right), MD of Scroll Media: “Partnering with Dailymotion Advertising in Australia, allows our clients access to video ad experiences powered by AI, on the Dailymotion video player that resonate with consumers and drives unparalleled campaign success.”

For more information, visit Dailymotionadvertising.com